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Of Mice and Men
The novel ‘of mice and men’ was written by John Steinbeck. Loneliness and dreams are the main themes of the novel and George and Lennie are the main characters. George and Lennie are migrant workers, they move around the country in search of work. Lennie always ends up doing something wrong, so they flee somewhere else. Eventually they settle at a ranch where there is a guy that doesn’t like Lennie, because Lennie is big, and always tries to pick a fight with him. But Lennie is scared, because of the dream ranch he and George have, he is scared he will be prevented from ‘tending the rabbits’ on their dream farm. George tells Lennie to keep it between them. Although ...view middle of the document...

Though George is impatient and terse, hr never forgets him prime purpose in protecting Lennie. As the story progresses, he admits that he once took advantage of Lennie, the fact that Lennie will do anything for him, “jus’ tell Lennie what to do an’ he’ll do it if it don’t take no figuring. He can’t think of nothing to do himself, but he sure can take orders.” George or anyone in authority can get Lennie to do virtually anything, along as Lennie does not have to work anything out. The writer reveals this on one occasion when George does this “one day a bunch of guys, was standing around up on the Sacramento River. I was feeling pretty smart. I turns to Lennie and says, jump in”, “he couldn’t swim a stroke” George feels remorse. Without Lennie, gorge would be very lonely “guys like that work on ranches are the loneliest guys in the world, we got no family, don’t belong to no place, we kind of look after each other” he admits this to Lennie, they have each other.
Crooks is an abused, discriminated, black stable buck. He is very lonely, he doesn’t even share a bunk house with anyone, and he lives in the stable, along with the animals. So there is not one to talk to. “There is books in his room” this shows he has nothing else to do in his spare time but read. He is separated from the others because of his colour. And because of him being black, folk seem to think he is less than them, and treat him badly” a lean negro head lined with pain”. When the other guys leave Lennie behind to go into town, Lennie has nothing better to do than snoop around, he stumbles in to crook’s room because it’s the only light on, when he walks in, crooks is rubbing ointment on his back. He is very annoyed but shocked at Lennie inviting himself in, “you have no right to be in here”; he says this because he is not welcomed near the white men’s place. Crooks soon figures he can to take advantage of Lennie' stupidness but soon realises he’s touchy when it comes to Lennie, as crooks tries to scare Lennie and question him and Georges friendship, probably because he is jealous he doesn’t share a friendship with anyone. Lennie confides in crooks though, he tells him about the dream, in return crooks share his feelings when Lennie asks him why he doesn’t join with the others. “Cause I’m black. They play cards. But I can’t play because I’m black. They say I stink. Well I tell you, you all stink to me”. He knows the importance of friendship, that’s why he tests Lennie’s, “a guy goes nuts if he aint got nobody. Don’t make no difference who the guy is, long as he’s with you. I tell ya a guy gets to lonely and he gets sick”. Eventually when George returns, he finds Lennie in the stable bucks room and is very annoyed that Lennie has shared the dream. George chauffer’s Lennie back to their bunk house. Crooks continues with the ointment.
Candy is a lonely man with an equally old dog. He’s had the dog since...

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