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Oedipus Essay

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Oedipus the King – STUDY GUIDE
Section 1 – Greek Culture
Home of the Greek Gods & Goddesses… Mount Olympus
King of the Gods… Zeus
Type of politics that began in Athens… Democracy
God of War & Wisdom… Athena
Peloponnesian War between… Athens & Sparta
Wealthy landowners… Aristocrats
Women were appreciated in… Sparta
Most famous artist… Sculptor
Women treated like slaves in… Athens
City that liked poetry, writing and art… Athens
Military state… Sparta
Another word for slaves… helots
Type of poetry written… lyric
Word comes from a small harp called… lyre
Greek kept literature alive by… singing
Popular sports competition still done today… Olympics
Winner of Olympics won… Olive Branch
Section 2 – First Readings Oedipus the King
Writer of Oedipus the King… Sophocles
Write 120 plays but only ____ survived… Seven
Tragedy ...view middle of the document...

derer… Tiresius
Oedipus says Tiresius is worthless prophet because… should have solved the riddle and saved the city
Who does Oedipus believe Tiresius is conspiring with to gain power… Creon
According to legend Lauis is killed by… Band of thieves
Prophecies of Oedipus the King…
Has children with his mother
Married his mother
Killed his father
Masked group that provides info and insight… Chorus
Section 3 – Vocabulary
Engender - cause or give rise to
Void - make empty/vacant
Primal - original/ first in time
Compunction - sharp uneasiness by guilt
Supplication -prayer asking God’s help
Disdain - to look with scorn/to make feel unworthy
Expedient - to accomplish an end
Decrepit - broken down with age/worn out
Incarnate - embody/ to give something a bodily form
Venerate - regard with respect

Section 4 – Miscellaneous
In Greek meaning OEDIPUS means SWOLLEN FOOT
Oedipus gouges his eyes out so he doesn’t have to see his mother, father, children or the city of Thebes
Aristotle, in his work of literary theory, POLITICS, classified Oedipus Rex (the King) as the ideal tragedy based on these characteristics
* It is a serious drama, NO COMIC ELEMENTS
* A noble, dignified main character (often royalty) strives to achieve something but is defeated
* Oedipus tries to find the murderer of Thebes
* The tragic hero (Oedipus) is defeated due to forces beyond his control thus the outcome seems predetermined
* His fate is determined by the Gods
* The downfall of the tragic hero is a result of a tragic flaw or weakness
* Short-tempered
* Oedipus tries to run from fate but runs into it
* HAS to know everything
* The tragic hero (even in death or defeat) gains knowledge/wisdom
* Oedipus is defeated, but he learns the truth
* Married and had children with his mother
* Killed his father
Aristotles definition of tragedy – an imitation of an action that is serious, complete and of a certain magnitude
Tragedy triggers two emotions – Pity and terror

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