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Odyssey Paper

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Kyle Bogdan


Love is one of the most powerful words in the English dictionary. Love is the overwhelming force between two people that cannot break no matter what the circumstances. In “The Odyssey”, the theme of love is very powerful and becomes the major driving force for Odysseus throughout his journey back home.
In “The Odyssey”, the bond of love between Odysseus and his wife Penelope is very strong. When Calypso gives Odysseus the choice to be protected from future foes and immortality by staying with her, Odysseus refuses. This proves that even the most desirable temptations can’t stop Odysseus from returning home to his wife and his family. Also, when Odysseus is reunited with Penelope, Penelope isn’t sure it’s him so she tests him about the moving the wedding bed. ...view middle of the document...

By constantly delaying her remarriage plans to the suitors, she’s risking her own safety and the safety of her son Telemachus. Penelope refuses to marry anybody else with the thought of Odysseus still being alive and proves that her love for him is intensely strong and cannot be broken.
While the husband and wife relationship is very strong. The Father/Son relationship between Odysseus and Telemachus is also incredibly strong, but in a different way. Since Odysseus was absent for almost all of Telemachus’s life, they never got develop a close bond. This separation drove Telemachus to become strong even without a father figure. Telemachus has much respect for his father and escapes out of Ithaca to get more information on Odysseus. When they reunite after 20 years, it should feel like they first meet. But instead it becomes a very emotional, tearful reunion. This proves that even though they don’t know each other well, the love they had for each made them stronger and was driving force behind them killing every last suitor.
The Father/Son relationship between Odysseus and Laertes was also shockingly strong and touching. When Odysseus visits his father pretending to be a long time friend of Odysseus, Laertes cries in the memory of Odysseus. When Odysseus reveals that it’s really his son, Laertes goes from anguish and sorrow to immeasurable happiness. This proves that love can cure even the most depressive of emotions.
In conclusion, love is a powerful emotion. If it wasn’t for love, Odysseus probably wouldn’t even be alive because he wouldn’t have anything to fight for. Penelope would be remarried to a suitor and Penelope and Telemachus would of gone through abused and miserable lives. When the suitors crossed the line between Odysseus and his family, there was no way they were going to get away with it because you’re dealing with love and love can’t be broken.

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