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Ocr Diploma Assessment Vocabulary Essay

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OCR Diploma Level 7 Joanne Hayward

Assessment is a complex and emotive area of study.
There are many reasons for assessment and much debate about the need for it.
These ideas aside, it is essential that when using the tools of assessment explored upon this course that we clearly understand the types of assessment we use and the ‘language of assessment’. This will not only inform the assessor of their students’ strengths and weaknesses but will enable the assessor to make informed judgements when selecting assessments and reporting to a variety of audiences. Ellington (1999) and Race (1995) both advocate that the most ...view middle of the document...

For example, a valid reading comprehension test would probably contain passages with questions. A comprehension test that asked students to match words would have questionable validity
Criterion validity refers to how the test compares with some other aspects of achievement such as grade point average. The comparison is done with a statistical correlation (high positive: +1.0 to low: -1.0) For acceptable criterion validity, the correlation should be positive and high
Reliability: This means, if the same individual does the same test again, they would get a similar or identical score. Conversely, if 2 different people assessed an individual on the same task, a reliable assessment would give you the same mark for both.
This relates to the innate ability of the individual.
This relates to external influences upon the subject.
Ipsative assessment, which is assessment against yourself, or more particularly against your own "personal best" performance. It is more relevant to performance coaching, special needs education and therapy than to most mainstream teaching.

Norm Referenced
There are statistics or norms for comparing the performance of a student to a large sample of similar students (the norm sample).
The norm sample represents the general population Each student in the norm sample takes the test and norms are established for how well, for example a year six student does on the test
Procedures for test administration have to strictly adhered to in order to compare students in your classroom to the norm sample accurately.
Standard scores
Standard scores refer to scores in which the mean and the standard deviation (which is a measure of variations) have been assigned preset values. For example, in the WISC III, the mean is set at 100 and the standard deviation at 15.

The stanine score ranks pupils from 1...

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