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Executive SummaryThere are many components to a successful organization, among them is a steady flow of innovative products that are consistently produced to high standards, available to customers when and where they are needed, and backed with diligent service and support. We will demonstrate the viability of capturing a significant market share of sunscreen products Down Under. We will inform you of our unique market entrance plans, our unique product and its marketable attributes. We will layout our target markets and their demographic information, and we will conclude with the profitability remarks necessary to gain your confidence and investment.OceanaSun Cosmetics, Inc., the parent ...view middle of the document...

This additive is a coloring agent that fades approximately three minutes after application. Taking advantage of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Summer Games approach, we have incorporated the additive with an olympic theme: Oceana Gold, Silver & Bronze.The coloring agents will actually be gold, silver or bronze according to the label of the particular sunscreen purchased. In addition to these choices, each color would be available in several degrees of sun protection factor (SPF): SPF4, SPF8, SPF15 & SPF30 (SPF4 being the least and SPF30 being almost total sunblock). Oceana is a non-greasy water resistant sunscreen with aloe vera gel, vitamin E and is paba free.Incidence of skin cancerThe high incidence of skin cancer in Australia is the reason for our choice of this product. Skin cancer has been on the rise due to environmental issues caused by humankind. Australia is known for its sunshine and carefree good life attitude; but Australians are facing a severe problem with exposure to the sun. Australia is the perfect market for sunscreen because two out of every three Australians will develop skin cancer at some point in their life. One half of Australians under the age of fourteen already have some damage to their skin. Australians have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, with are approximately 140 thousand new cases per year. See Appendix A for additional information.Cultural aspects surrounding market entrance to the Oceanic regionAustraliaThe seven states of the Australian country/continent are very similar to those of the United States. That is to say, all of these states are English speaking, with a high literacy rate, a well-developed infrastructure, a significant volume of tourism and laws that promote interstate commerce. These elements are what make this market an easy entrance for our product.TahitiThis territory is part of the French Polynesian Overseas territory. This territory falls under the French Republic guidelines of government. Some aspects of this territory have autonomy. Tahiti's principle trade imports come from Australia, France, Germany, Japan and New Zealand. They export mainly to France, New Caledonia and (limited) United States. The facts that Tahiti is known for tourism and has principle importing and exporting, make this market accessible for our product. It's location geographically, climate and infrastructure, make for easy distribution and market entry. Its principle language is French, but with a cultural adaptation to English products, we may utilize standardized production.New CaledoniaThis territory is also part of the French Overseas Territory, which means that it also falls under the French rule of government court and political systems. This territory is in the European Parliament. It's primary imports come from Australia, France, Germany, Japan and the United States. Its exports are mainly to France, Germany, Japan and the United States. The same basic infrastructure, climate and tourism as...

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