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Occupational Health and Safety is a requirement between employers and employees, the public and witnesses that could be affected by poor work habits and the equipment. It is the employer’s obligation to provide a safe working environment and safety equipment for the staff.
The reasoning behind the chose to implement Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is due to the fact that employees are aware but not in great depth. Promoting OHS is not only an advantage for the employees but also the management staff. The aim of legislations and obligations are to minimise the chance of an injury. As the employer there are certain obligations that are enforced to minimise the ...view middle of the document...

By identifying these hazards through workplace inspections, reporting, consultation & feedback from the employees it reduces the chances of any risks of injuries.
A Risk Assessment decides how likely and serious the effects will be on the workers that are exposed to a hazard. The assessment works out which hazards are most serious in order to deal with them first.
Risk Control involves recognising the needs to eliminate or control the risks to health and safety. This is very important as the significance of a severe injury is always thought to be unrealistic. By recognising and eliminating a risk it could not only save the company but also save a life.
Reviews of control measures and risk assessments should be constantly conducted. This can be accomplished via regular workplace inspections, consultation with employees, safety audits and by reviewing & recognising incidents.
The type and source of advice will depend on the workplace and its hazards. However it’s important that all employees and employers are aware...

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