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Occupational, Health And Function Assignment

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Occupation, Health and Function Assignment
This assignment will discuss the impact of Multiple Sclerosis on the person and what problems they may encounter. The assignment will then go on to describe the dysfunctions on a person’s life and how certain activities promote health and wellbeing for the needs of the individual.
Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, is a chronic degenerative disease of the central nervous system. Though the disease only targets the brain and spinal cord, the effects on these areas cause symptoms to develop throughout the entire body. It involves the ongoing destruction of the Myelin sheaths around the neurons in the brain and spinal cord (Tipping.L, 2002). Multiple ...view middle of the document...

During stages of Multiple Sclerosis, symptoms can include general weakness, fatigue, bowel and bladder problems, sexual problems and depression.
Spasticity is a physiological factor related to general weakness and fatigue of the person. The muscles contract and relax at the same time which causes stiffness in the muscles, this takes up a lot of energy for the person and carrying out daily activities could cause the person to become less functional than before the onset of their symptoms. While fatigue is the single most common complaint of patients, it is also the one symptom to which others may be least sympathetic as the person may look healthy. In the absence of other symptoms, others can easily regard it as laziness; this can affect the person’s self esteem and wellbeing. The person may require a wheelchair or electric scooter if they wish to function outside the home with their daily activities; this will aid the person to keep as much independence in their social and cultural aspects of life (Crepeau. E, 2003).
Sexual difficulties are also related to Multiple Sclerosis, they may be either physical or psychological. These can include sex drive impaired, sensations in the genitals and loss of sexual interest. If sexual dysfunction is a persistent problem, sexual counseling can help couples to overcome this.
‘A women might choose to have a baby sooner, while she knows her Multiple Sclerosis is more likely to remain in a mild stage and she is better equipped to deal with a toddler. Another person might choose not to have children at all’ (Rosner & Ross, 2008). Understanding and patience in a relationship is important, keeping the communication channels open, helps towards social and cultural aspects of each other’s wellbeing.
Another physiological factor relating to this diagnosis is a bowel and bladder weakness. A person, who may experience this, will urinate a lot more than usual and incontinence often occurs. The bowel can also be affected with the condition and this often results in constipation, diarrhea and incontinence ( Atchison.B.J & Dirette, 2007).

The dysfunction of personal body functions can cause extreme embarrassment which prevents the person engaging in outdoor activities for the concern of body odour and not having public amenities close by to them. A bowel and bladder problem can discourage the person from sexual activities due to psychological problems associated with their condition.

A clear psychological factor related to Multiple Sclerosis is depression. It is a frequent reaction because of the extreme problems associated with the condition. Depression can be helped in a holistic way using various relaxation programmes and counseling Social groups are beneficial to the individual, especially if there are support groups for the person’s particular diagnosis, as it aids discussion about the same condition and supporting each other at the same time. A client centered programme of exercise for...

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