Obstacles Facing Short Fused Teams Essay

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Obstacles Facing Short-Fused Teams
Organizations are consistently relying on the formation and implementation of short- fused teams to accomplish specific goals in an effective and efficient manner. However, these teams are often created in an abrupt fashion and face lofty expectations in spite of a drastically low amount of previous interaction and uniquely defined goals from within the group dynamic. These obstacles are exacerbated by the overarching time constraints that are placed on these teams, especially when the issue is complex and its optimal resolution uncertain. More specifically managers are tasked with “creating a climate that supports these teams” that allows them to ...view middle of the document...

Instead of leaving the job of deciphering and role dictation up to the newly created team members are able to focus on the task at hand rather than the political and social stigma that comes with the uncertainty of undefined roles. Establishing clear and understandable roles then “becomes critical” to a team’s founding and progression through the given task (Bottitta, 361). This helps eliminate an impactful source of social tension from a group that is already relatively unfamiliar and uncomfortable with one another. Allowing team members to come in knowing their specific place in the dynamic leaves fewer questions from members and allows them to work through the natural progression of obstacles faster. However, an organization must be careful to not overly define these roles. In a group with as delicate of a social construct as a short-fused organizational group, overly defined goals can mechanize the team dynamic causing members to rigidly follow their defined position; no more and no less (Bolman and Deal 1997).
Resistance To Change
Even if the team has a clearly defined role and purpose they will undoubtedly be met with additional forms of resistance. Many, if not all of these members will be pulled from already existing teams. These tenured teams will have their own established roles, processes, and goals. In an organizational setting, the “longer a group has existed, the greater the group’s resistance to change” (Bottitta, 359). If a group is formed with these underlying issues they are more likely to face conflict, form factions, and withhold information from those they are not familiar (Bottitta, 2003). Unfortunately, this is an unavoidable concept while forming short-fused groups. Unless every single member of the team is brought in as an outside hire it is going to be almost impossible to overcome the natural disconnect that occurs. This is compounded by many of the other issues that newly formed short-fused teams face on a regular basis. With an already strained dynamic, the resistance to change in any group formation can prove troublesome to even managers. There is an overwhelming “panic over the feeling of vulnerability” that naturally comes with any major change (Kennedy, 18). The skepticism that accompanies that feeling limits the level of communication and discussion that is required for a team to be successful.
Resistance to change can be easily spotted in various forms. These observations can come in the form of lack of acknowledgement or action all-the-way to outright hostility (Schiad, 2011). There are a number of concepts that organizations have attempted to used in the past to limit, alleviate, or overcome the issues that can be caused by the resistance to change. However, organizations may not have the time or resources to implement strategies to overcome the resistance to change. As a result, it becomes a burden on the manager of that team. A manager can do a number of things to limit the...

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