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Observe Different Stages Of Plant Life

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Module 3: Assignment 7
1. Plan an activity in project form with specific instructions using appropriate material(s).
2. The project should specify:
A. The materials used
B. The utility of the materials used(i.e. why such materials are used)
C. The project in detail
In this context lease note that the Project planned should be for a minimum of 10 days and maximum of 4 weeks. The plan should specify:
a. The age group
b. The duration of the project
c. The project activity to include – excursion, data collection/sampling, maintaining/observing record/sheet, follow-up activities, related worksheets and the effective learning outcome achieved through the project.
Project: Observe the different stages of growth of a plant.
Class/Grade: Grade 1
Age: 5-6 years
Project Duration: 2 Weeks
Prior Knowledge of the students:
* What ...view middle of the document...

Skills involved are assimilation of prior knowledge with application; observing and making notes.

Excursion: The students will be taken to a farm and/or a nursery where they can observe the plants in various stages of growth.

Project details:
The students will each get a small earthen pot with some soil in it. They will also be given some fenugreek seeds. The students will be guided to sow the seeds in their own pots. There after they will take care of their own little plant. They will water the plants regularly. They will observe how and when the shoots come out, when the leaves will develop, when and how the plant grows. The students will maintain a daily log of their observations with the assistance of their teacher. This will continue for around two weeks during which time the students will get to learn the different stages of a plant growth. They will also be taken to a nursery where they can see various plants in various stages of growth. They can ask questions to the gardener there and make note of the answers in their log books. They can also make a drawing of different plants in different stages of growth. The students can also learn about the different garden tools used in the caring of the plants during their visit to the nursery.
Learning outcomes:
* The students will observe and learn how a plant grows.
* They will learn the various stages of plant life.
* The students will build their vocabulary. They will learn words like sun, shoot, roots, leaves, seeds, branch, water, air, plant, tree, growth, stages, etc.
* They will learn about responsibility since each will have to take care of his/her plant in terms of watering, etc.
* The students will learn to makes notes from their observations on a daily basis.
* The students will learn about sharing as they will have to share the two watering cans amongst themselves. They will also learn discipline and learn to wait for their turn.
* The students can also learn math concepts like counting and adding using seeds, flowers and leaves.

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