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A good way to assess a situation between people is to observe their behaviors and actions in conversation. How did they interact with each other? Where their non-verbal messages intertwined with the verbal ones? Where they sitting closely or at a distance? The paper will cover one event where these types of observations were made during the duration of a one-hour dinner at a local restaurant.
The local Applebee’s restaurant is one of a mixed environment of families’ mature and young adults. On a Saturday early evening, a man and woman were dining at the table next to my table where my family was enjoying dinner. The restaurant was ...view middle of the document...

She had her hair perfectly styled in a short crop with freshly touched makeup on her face. The conversation appeared to be based around small talk and occasional smiles and glances at each other. She looked away form his stares to break the moment often until the meals arrived. He would lean in and make a comment and she would lightly and casually laugh. I saw him motion toward her food as if to ask if she liked the salad and she smiled and nodded her head indicating that she did like the food. He focused on her and seemed to want to ensure she was enjoying the evening. She appeared coy but enjoying his attention. As the meal progressed, he moved his chair closer to hers and they continued to chat. She started holding his stare longer, signaling that she was interested in his attention. She started laughing a little louder and longer at his comments and he appeared to be trying harder to keep her laughing.
After the meal was almost over, she excused herself and went somewhere, I presume to the bathroom. He stood up when she left the table and later ordered two coffees while she was away and asked for cream to be included with the order. She returned shortly afterwards, with fresh makeup and lipstick applied, looking like she just got ready for the evening. She thanked him for ordering the coffee and began to prepare her cup with cream and he drank his black, telling me that he knew how she drank her coffee. After few minutes, her cell phone rang and she spoke briefly to someone over the phone while he tried not to listen to the conversation. She appeared removed after the phone call and he called for the check to end the dinner. He paid the bill, stood up, held her chair while she gathered her belongings and he walked behind her out of the restaurant with his hand on her back guiding the way from behind.
What I gathered from these observations were that these two people were on a date, not the first date, as they seemed to be at some level of ease with each other in the way they interacted (i.e. ordering coffee the...

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