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Observation And Analysis

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Cynthia Solomon-Johnson
Toni Kutner
July 27, 2014

Observation and Analysis
When looking at the development of students from the age band of infancy through age 8 they had gained all of their development stages starting with social/emotional, physical, speech, and cognitive growth.
Starting with the 0-9months of development, the students were discovering their hands and feet with the ability to move them along with manipulating objects and starting to crawl. They also have begun to smile at other, able to have mastery of their heads and demonstrates pleasure with feeling safe and trust others.
The next age development is the 9-18 months and this is when the student becomes mobile and is scooting, crawling, walking and toddling around holding on to a table, chairs, and others. In the social/emotional stage the student will express strong ...view middle of the document...

During this stage development children tend to want to be independent and want to manage things themselves without assistance. They also wish to engage in activities with other kids close to them who they call their friends. By now their vocabulary has increased more and they are making up tales that they have heard of when a level was read doing the day.
Preschoolers 3 to 4 years of age is now hopping on one foot and catching balls. All students in this age likes to ride on tricycles to play race car with others who are riding also. During arts and craft they are able to cup with scissors and hold their crayon with 3 fingers instead of wrapping all their fingers around the pencil or crayon.
By this age, some kids have formed a tight attachment to others besides immediate family and can sustain longer time period with peer interaction while valuing peer friendship.
The preschooler enjoyed role playing and imaginative play while their language and grammar had increased to some 4000-6000 words and they were able to follow simple 2-3 step directions. Some of the children were able to count to 20 and they enjoyed making up stories and song while thinking about the past and the future.
The final stage of development is the 5 to 8 and this is when development has basic increased with the child being able to melt quickly, change direction, moves forward, sideways, and back. They are able to demonstrate between slow and quick movement while walking in a straight line, and bouncing a ball. Their fine motor skills have improved such as drawing a person with a head, body, face, and legs that are recognizable and also drawing angled lines and triangle.
In this age development they form friendships, desire to please others and instructors also have empathy for friends who are causing troubles.
In my opinion, these developments are very significant for children and everyone who are necessitated with the increment should be mindful of the different steps that children are supposed to travel from birth to 8 years of age and help suppose these things that are notice for the benefit of the minor.

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