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Darling Danielle


Darling Danielle
Danielle is an eighteen year old female, who is single, has a boyfriend of one year named Andy, and they have just found out that Danielle is pregnant. Danielle suffers from mild depression. Two years ago she was at a party with some teenaged friends. They were all sniffing bath salts and Danielle participated. A friend told her it was okay to sniff as much as she wanted. Danielle ended up in the hospital and then a substance abuse facility for about a month afterward. After that incident, Danielle transferred to a different school and no longer associated with that group of friends. She worked hard in her studies at the new school and ...view middle of the document...

She has been trying to eat and drink things that are healthier for her, since her diet consisted mainly of Dr. Pepper and pizza snacks of every variety.
According to Erikson, the task of adolescents if to overcome the crisis of identity versus identity confusion, and become their own individual with an established role in the general population. Those that overcome this crisis develop the virtue of fidelity, which is described as “sustained loyalty, faith, or a sense of belonging to a loved one or to friends and companions” (Papalia, 2012).
Danielle’s relationship with her boyfriend is not steady, and at times they do not even see each other for weeks. They have broken up on several occasions. With her mother being the only influence in her life, as far as relationships go, I do not think she will meet the standard of belonging to a loved one or companion. I think it will be hard for her to develop fidelity. However, I do think she has overcome crisis of identity versus identity confusion because she has established herself in a part time job, has enrolled in college, and has a plan in mind for her and her baby’s future.
Danielle is five foot five inches in height and weights about 135 pounds. Now that she is pregnant, she will need to increase caloric intake to about 300 kcal/day to allow the fetus, placenta, amniotic fluid, and maternal tissues to grow during the pregnancy (Leifer, 2011).
She can continue a mild to moderate exercise routine to maintain her fitness level, and can return to a more vigorous routine once the baby is born.
She will need to identify and manage any psychosocial issues to ensure a more positive outcome of the pregnancy (Leifer, 2011). She has good health insurance, which is currently provided by her biological father, and the family that she is now living with has given her a vehicle to drive, so she has a means of transportation to her work, doctor visits, and school when it starts. The family is also keeping up with her and helping ensure she is getting regular prenatal care. She does not smoke tobacco and no longer is associated with the friends who influenced her to abuse drugs.
As an observer, I would conclude that Danielle is in the achieving stage of Schaie’s life-span model of cognitive...

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