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Objectives Of The Personnel Manager Essay

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Objectives of the Personnel Manager.

When the Personnel Manager is involved in recruiting new employees for
the store he/she has to first has to look into the Internal and
External Constraints.

Whilst looking at this the Personnel Manager will have to decide
weather the new recruit will stick to the terms of the job. As well as
this the Personnel Manager will have to think if the new Member of the
team will be able to fit in with the team at present or will he/she be
subject to bullying or discrimination of any sort. As well as this
aspect it could all be the other way round and the new employee may
start to manipulate the other members of the team and start to bully
and discriminate against them. Lastly the Personnel Manager will have
to consult with the Finance Department and with ...view middle of the document...

Also these new people have to fit in with the way the
business is currently run and the right attitude for this particular
post of this job.

The Right Place. This means that the chosen person must have the right
post within the organisation. If the person is young and has never had
a job, they will have to start off with a low post job and not in
charge of anyone. Also you will have to know if the person is able to
control over people.

The right time. The new people have to have a job that will allow them
to keep up with whatever commitments they have outside of work. i.e.
if these people have young children they will have to be home early
and come to work late so that they can meet their children.

The Right Training. If these people are in a computer department they
may need training to help them use particular software and programs as
well as how to type efficiently. People may also need training if they
are getting a promotion so they will need to know how to do things to
a better standard, and they will probably be in control of more people
so they will have tp have training so that they can deal with people.

If I was to choose which of the two networks that I would use in the
Top Gear department store, I would pick the Star Network. This is
because each computer is directly linked to the main file server,
which, makes the system a whole lot faster. As well as this it is also
safer to have the computer system arranged in this way because, if one
of the computers crashes or one of the wires gets cut into only the
computer directly linked to the file server by this wire will crash
and the remaining computers will be able to function normally. This
kind of set-up is very expensive but is well worth it because the
computers in the shop are switched on for extremely long hours and are
necessary for the business to run efficiently.

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