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Objectives Of Personal Selling Essay

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Lesson 1: Objective and scope of personal selling
Learning objectives • To know the broad objectives of sales management • Definition of sales management • How a Sales executive acts as a coordinator • To know about personal selling In this lesson we will study about an overview of Sales Management.
today must develop an integrative management style using adaptive, problem solving, extensive information, in many cases is an ever changing market place. The overwhelming majority of business environment workers are service providers such as investment bankers, consultants, and information technology specialists. Sales Mangers in the current business environment must have the ability to add ...view middle of the document...

are professionals. The professional approach requires thorough analysis, market efficient personal selling objectives, appropriate sales policies and personal selling strategy. Sales Executives have responsibilities to their Organization, Customer and Society. Top Management holds them responsible for 1. Obtaining Sales Volume 2. Providing Profit Contribution 3. Continuing Business Growth

Sales Managers

Sales Executive

Customers (most often, wholesalers, retailers or industrial user) expect them to supply easily resalable products and services backed up by supporting activities (help in doing training dealer salesforce, local advertising, credit) and assurance that products and services are wise investments in competitive market place.

Society looks to them to assure delivery of goods & services


that final buyers want at price of increasing importance to market products whose potential for damaging the environment is minimal.

If goods and services made and sold are needed and accepted by buying public and if this products are socially responsible, then it is likely that management’s objectives will have been achieved. Ultimately, a business’s earnings depend upon, how well the interest of the firm, the final buyers and society are blended. To the extent that these interests are in harmony, the firm experiences Sales Volume, Net Profits and Business Growth.

SALES MANAGEMENT as defined by
American Marketing Association --is Planning, direction and control of
Personal selling including recruiting, selecting, equipping assigning, routing, Supervising, paying and motivating as these task apply to personal Salesforce. Sales Managers are responsible for organizing the sales effort, both within and outside their Companies. Within the Company the Sales Manager builds formal and informal organizational structures that ensure effective communication not only inside the sales department but in its relations with other organizational units. Outside the Company, Sales Manager serves as a key contact with customers and other external publics and is responsible for building and maintaining an effective distribution network. Sales Managers have still other responsibilities. They are responsible for participating in preparation of information critical to the making of key marketing decisions, such as those on budgeting quotas and territories. Sales Management helps to respond proactively and effectively to customers, the key to winning business and processing orders during the pre-sales, order management and post shipment phases.

From the Company View point, there are three general objectives of Sales Management ● Sales Volume ● Contribution To Profits ● Continuing growth Sales Executives, of course do not carry the full burden in the effort to reach these objectives, but they make major contributions. Top Management has the final responsibility, because it is accountable for the success a failure of...

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