Obesity In The U.S Essay

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Obesity in the United States
Many people in the United States have been diagnosed with sever healthcare problems due to being overweight. In 2013, a statistical fact showed that among Americans age 20 and older, 154.7 million are overweight or obese (American Heat Association). According to the surgeon general, it has been called an epidemic obesity as a result of poor diet and lack of physical activity. This epidemic obesity has not only affected adults, but also children from 5 to 17 years. High blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and respiratory problems are just three of the many health effects in this major problem in the United States.
Many people in the United States work all day and don’t have time to go home to eat or a good restaurant to have a health meal. Going to McDonalds or having Chinese food is there option when in lunch brake. Many consider is simply a ...view middle of the document...

If kids eat all day and have treats to a happy meal or candy and do not exercise, they are most likely to suffer from heart disease at a young age.
High blood pressure is the first effect on obesity. When a person passes its weight limits, the additional weight incorporated in the body needs oxygen and more blood to circulate. Due to the need of more blood that needs to be pumped to the extra fat, the heart is workload. When the heart feels the pressure of the blood is accelerates and demands more blood. High blood pressure is the extra weight a person has and it minimizes the ability for the body to transport the necessary blood a normal weight person needs. Diabetes is also a common disease a person can have when the have reached an old age. When not eating properly, sugar in our system increases higher than normal. This disease has been a major cause due to obesity, and type 2 diabetes is known occurring to children who suffer this epidemic problem. Type 2 diabetes is when our body does not use the insulin of pancreases make properly.

When an adult and a kid are overweight they tend to get tired easily. Taking kids to the park to run around and when an adult goes jogging they probably will have to stop to take a long breath because they feel they are short of air. This is due to overweight because when having extra weight the chest wall squeezes the lungs and causes chest pain because of heavy breathing. Obesity can also cause people to snore when sleeping because they tend to open their mouth when sleep of their back. Sleep apnea, is also a cause to stop breathing for a short period of time when sleeping.
In conclusion, obesity is a sever problem that not only can cause healthcare problems, but can also led to cause of death. People who work a lot and don’t have time to go home or to a restaurant must look for other options that can help them have a health lifestyle. If it’s not possible to attend a gym or do daily exercise, at least once a week can make a change in life. It is important for Americans to help each other for been diagnosed with these health problems. Johns Kenneth Galbraith once said, “ More die in the United States of too much food than of too little”.

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