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Obesity In America Essay

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I’m currently sitting here typing this discussion with a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks, a bag of Hot Cheetos and a large Snickers bar next to me. I don’t consider this the best healthiest lunch, but in all honesty, this is what I felt like eating in the short amount of time I had to grab a “lunch”. I thought it was pretty ironic that while I was reading about all these “unhealthy” food options, I was eating them. This obesity epidemic has carved its way so deep into our lives, there is possible room to improve, but it’s difficult to come up with some miracle solution to make it disappear.

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Three variables mentioned in HBO’s “Children in Crisis” that correlated with childhood obesity are: cravings, influences, and lifestyle (HBO, 2012). Most children of today typically don’t crave carrots or spinach, they crave sweet, processed and unhealthy foods that tastes good. Their environment also influences children as well. From the food advertisements on television, what they have access to eat at school, what their friends eat and what they find in their pantry at home. If fattening, unhealthy foods are always accessible and in abundance, that influences them to eat it, and that eventually becomes their lifestyle. Parents can do a lot to prevent childhood obesity by creating a healthier lifestyle for their family that would benefit them in the long run. According to BMC Public Health, “focusing on relevant lifestyle behaviors is an important consideration for preventing or delaying chronic disease and improving health…” (Rosenkranz, Duncan, Rosenkranz, & Kolt, 2013).

As a child, my parents owned a little strip mall that included and grocery store, and Vietnamese and Thai Restaurant, Liquor Store, and Hair and Nail Salon. So as a little girl I was fortunate enough to always have anything and everything that I wanted to eat. After school I would go to the restaurant and the chefs would cook me anything I wanted. After I ate I would go next door to the grocery store to hangout until I wanted to go home. And while hanging out I would pretty eat or drink anything I wanted just because I could and it was always accessible. Therefore, I was a pretty well fed child, but kept the weight off because I was so active in school through dance class, volleyball and basketball. As of today, I still have the same eating habits (as you read in the beginning), but I make sure I eat my servings of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vegetables everyday. I also do...

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