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Obesity In America Essay

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Aakash Shah
Effects of Obesity
While I am not obese, and I do not ever plan on it, I have a personal connection to obesity and the nature of the epidemic. I am an EMT for the Middlesex Area and I see many different things while on the job. Something that really hit home to me was how obesity was so widespread yet no one cared to turn his or her cheeks toward the issue. I have personally seen many different cases of obese people that struggle with the simplest tasks, including going to the bathroom, driving, walking their dogs. Essentially this epidemic lets people eat themselves into oblivion and depression leads to overeating and pleasure eating. My personal connection to this ...view middle of the document...

The direct causes include the marketing of fast food by large conglomerate corporations, federal regulation on food products, and the lack of emphasis on health throughout important years in our lives. These factors ultimately are the causes behind the effects of obesity in our society today and will continue to impact our lives until actions are taken to start bettering the habitual tendencies of the adult population.
When it is two in the morning and you want to go get something to eat, or want a midnight snack, or you are just plain hungry, you generally do not look to flip through your cookbook. You grab your keys and head to your local fast food joint for instantly gratifying packaged obesity. This claim is from personal experience as I have traveled many times to grab something from a local fast food place. The appeal of fast food is relatively good tasting food that is cheap while satiating your hunger. They range from every type of meal. Ranging from Mexican to Italian, fast food can satisfy cravings leaving consumers at wits end because they don’t have to spend a lot of money and they can go on without doing daily household chores to cook meals. This attitude is usually being pushed on to us by endless advertising and marketing form these large corporate conglomerates focusing on the positive ends of fast food; the rapidity that food is produced, the taste, and most importantly the price. Another factor that corporations utilize to their advantage in a profit-driven business is the location. When there is a McDonalds and Burger King on every exit on the highway or right across the street from each other a consumer does not have to head to a mom and pop joint that uses better ingredients. Location really changes the gratification factor. These factors obviously lead to the obesity effect because consumers will constantly be eating out and at these fast food restaurants because they are cheap and easy to get to. Instant gratification may be one the leading causes of obesity because people need to fill their stomachs and often they overeat or eat too much. Another problem with fast food and their conglomerates is the ingredients and the actual food itself. Now they are not shopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joes and getting higher end products that would ensure people would be healthier. Rather than do that, fast food companies buy bulk of processed food, or natural products that end up being freeze-dried and losing their vital nutrients. Also, the product used to make the food could be pre made in factories and that cannot be good for anyone's health. So how does that whole mess lead to obesity? Location causes people to travel and get food or go shopping for fresher, and healthier options that can be made at home. This will add to the weight and lower healthy nutrient intake for the consumers. Another cause and effect from fast food, is the advertising and corporate conglomeration of these franchises. They become household names for...

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