Obesity And The Miracle Surgery Essay

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October 24, 2013

Cause and Effect:

Obesity and the “Miracle Surgery”
Obesity is a life-threatening “epidemic” that is rising across America. Americans now eat 2,700 calories a day, about 500 calories more than 40 years ago (Ambinder, par 3). It seems as though dieting is not enough for those whose weight is out of control. The fast food companies’ job is to make food tasty enough to purchase, but the consequence is consumption of fatty food ingredients that do not help those who cannot control their dietary intake. There are some people who do not mind being obese, but there are those who are seeking a solution to their problem of obesity. Obesity can cause several life-threatening ...view middle of the document...

13). Some people blame their parents because of poor nutritional meals. These meals that is high in sugar and fat meals triggers obesity and other health problems later in life. Marc Ambinder, who wrote a cover story on “Beating Obesity” discussed that obesity, can be attributed to the decline in the real minimum wage. Thus, lower labor costs have made that “Happy Meal” even happier and cheaper to obtain (Web 3 Oct. 2013).
The average American spends half of his or her food budget outside the home, and the concept of a “regular” mealtime – which correlates with healthy body weight – has been consigned to the dustbin of “Nick at Nite sitcom.” You can go to the Chinese restaurant and find that the portion size has increased and the calories have increased with it. The food chain goal is to keep our mouth-watering for that high calorie, high fat and high sugar meal. David Kessler, a former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, has written a book titled, The End of Overeating. In it, he accuses the Food industry of “manipulating the levels of sugar, salt and fats in food in order to create a neurochemical addiction.” As a result, our bodies are drawn to these substances which cause us to overeat. Unfortunately, the excessive intake of fats, salt, and sugar can cause people to become obese.
Obesity in the United States continues to increase making obesity a major public health concern. Obesity can cause many chronic and life-threatening conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. It is estimated that 42% of United States adults will become obese by 2030. Consequently, this will lead to higher levels of heart disease, diabetes and other high-cost conditions. Eventually, obesity will lead to death. (Holbrook, Web 8/13). One of the most chronic diseases for those who are obese is Type II Diabetes. Type II Diabetes is one of the leading causes of blindness in adults under age 75, kidney failure, and amputation. It raises the risk of nerve damage and stroke.
The best way to fight against this deadly disease is the “miracle surgery” which is Gastric Bypass Surgery. According to Bijal P. Trivedi, it is called the “The Bypass Cure”; many people are now choosing the surgery room to cure their diseases of Type II diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic ailments that affect those who are obese. A researcher by the name of Laferrere decided to pair a control group of patients. One group is dieters alone and the other group is gastric bypass patients. He matched age, duration of diabetes, and ethnicity. The control group was placed on a diet aimed at having them lose a lot of weight. After two months, all patients had dropped at least 22 pounds, and Laferrere began to measure the amount of incretin and insulin in their blood. Insulin and incretin are both indicators of blood sugar level. Her findings were that neither the incretin levels nor their influence rose in the dieters. The comparison...

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