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ObesityObesity is a problem that is growing in the modern day, it is only just being recognised as a worldwide problem1 (globesity)2 by the World Health Organisation (WHO). There are many questions that need to be asked such as what causes obesity? , What factors contribute to obesity on a day-to-day basis? And what are the global effects of obesity?. Others include is obesity a growing problem throughout the world? , What are the trends of obesity? And does it affect specific people or everyone? . All these questions need to answered.Currently, obesity has many definitions, which are used depending on the scientists or countries discussing it4. The main definitions are population means, ...view middle of the document...

The primary causes of obesity is when a person consumes a greater amount of calories that what they use on a day-to-day basis. It is believed that obesity can be passed through genes and it seems to run in the family (4)(6). Many studies were carried out to prove this theory including identical twins and adoptee studies (1) (4). The twin study showed how the weight of identical twins differed due to being in different environments (4), in conclusion to this study it was found that genetic influences counted for 66%-77% of the variance of body weight (4). The adopted study showed that they tended to the same weight problems has their original parents (biological) (5). Currently there is a single gene hypothesis, which seems to indicate that the gene MC4R (melenocartin-4 receptors), this gene was found in a number of obese patients and the receptors was found in excess in the hypothalamus which is part of the brain which is responsible for appetite. The psychological effect of obesity is a big factor and influences peoples eating habits (8). People suffering from try diets and some have binge-eating problems, which can cause low self-esteem and depression (6). In the modern day the attractiveness of a man or a women is reflected in the size and shape of their body. In obese people this can lead to a low self-esteem and make a person feel that their body is inadequate (4). Although, there is no strong evidence to show that a larger body size of a person is directly linked to depression. The sociological factor plays a big part in obesity. People in the modern day would rather go and have junk food from fast food outlets, as it is fast, cheap and convenient. Eating healthy costs more money and takes longer to prepare. The need for fast food is growing nationwide due to people being busier and more tired.Obesity is currently a growing problem throughout the world and is spreading at an alarming rate9. Different aspects can affect obesity such as gender, social class and age. Different countries have varying problems and statistics regarding obesity. This is growing because nowadays children and adults are not using as many calories as they are consuming10, amongst children there has not been an increase in energy intake but a decrease in energy out put10 so children are not currently undertaking enough exercise. The BMI of the two genders are very similar, the average BMI for a man was 26.2 and for a woman were 25.81(in the U.K). Obesity seems to occur more in women than in men. (16% of men 17% of women BMI greater than 30). Social class of a person also seems to affect obesity.See figure 21.Figure 2 a graph, which shows the relationship of obesity and social class.Figure 2This graph shows how obesity links to the social class and gender of a person. As shown the higher-class show a bigger percentage of obesity than that of a lower class, also the women have a higher obesity percentage than the men.Age also seems to play a part in obesity. Childhood...

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