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Obamacare Essay

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Obama Care
Melony Stillion
November 4, 2013
Dion L. Williams, MBA, CFP

Obama Care

While people believe this is against their Constitutional Rights, many people can benefit from this law and will be able to receive affordable insurance. This one stop shopping will put families in charge of their health coverage. “On March 23, 2010 President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law” (The White House, 2013) This will give the United States insurance security: Families will always have affordable health coverage, whether they lose their jobs, get sick, switch jobs, move or retire. Millions of Americans will be able to have affordable health coverage. This will protect ...view middle of the document...

Some Americans have said their insurance has gone up because of Obamacare. Questions that arise are can these things be worked out? And, why didn’t the Republicans want this in place?
There are several good things that can be associated with Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act (ACA). One of the positive outcomes from this act will be, everyone will qualify, and there will be no restrictions on people with preexisting conditions. With the rules that are in place for the ACA, there will be no one that can be refused for the Act itself. There will be immediately more than 100 million Americans who will be eligible for it. According to “Myers, Lisa, and Rappleye, Hannah” (2013) “President Obama repeatedly assured Americans that after the Affordable Care Act became law, people who liked their health insurance would be able to keep it.” Those that will be eligible for it are not going to be limited to just a certain group or age, but anyone, who makes any amount of money. There are even certain programs that are for those who do not make enough money for insurance, such as Medicare and Medicaid. This will ensure that every person will be able to get insurance with no exception. Because of the ACA, individuals will have the comfort of knowing that their insurance companies will not be allowed to drop them due to prior illnesses or any new illness.
The moral and legal benefits of the Affordable Care Act are quite extensive to say the least. According to the “White House” (2013) “The Affordable Care Act holds insurance companies accountable, lowers health care costs gives Americans more freedom and control in their health care choices and improves the quality of care.” There are going to be several tax breaks that people are going to be given for taking part in the ACA. With the new rights and privileges that people are going to have with ACA there are going to be some requirements: one of these is that everybody in America, unless specifically exempt, must be enrolled in the ACA by no later than 2013. This may not be beneficial for everyone, but like everything, exemptions to certain cases will exist. There are even going to be cases in which people who make under a certain amount will be eligible for ACA with smaller fees associated with it. The amount that a person will be paying under the ACA is going to be directly related to how much their income will be. Because of how the ACA has laid out the plan, the tax breaks that will be given for the insurance plans acquired will be quite extensive. With how taxes work now, everybody will have basically some form of tax credit regardless of what they pay for their insurance.
The battle between the Democrats and Republicans when dealing with the ACA is huge to say the least. The immaturity shown from both sides while trying to agree on the ACA shows some serious lack of career competencies. The government shutdown basically shows that both sides were very set on how they wanted...

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