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Obama Speech

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Education is very important, when talking about the evolution of society because the young people are the next generation to lead the society in the future. If the nation wants to do well in the future, it is important that everyone takes responsibility for their education and make sure to do what the country needs. This is some of these values Barack Obama focus on in his speech “Back to school”. He appeals first of all to all the young students, who have a lot of problems and therefore a hard time, when trying to educate. These recipients all have to try, and if they quit, they will let down their country. So there are a lot of expectations to these students, which Obama clearly repeats.
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He often uses ethos as the form of appeal in this speech because tells a lot of stories about other young people, who made it through school even though they had all odds against them. The reason this way of appealing is the form of ethos, is because it makes his speech more trustworthy and the stories are like a witness and an evidence, which shows that it is not impossible, they can be anything if they fight for it. “Maybe you could be a good writer (…). Maybe you could be an innovator or an inventor (…)” (Page 2, line 39-45). He tries to make them realize that they all have something to offer, they just need to find it. By telling them some of these stories and also just in general he tries to sympathize with them, and make them feel like he understands what some of them are going through, especially because he says that he can relate to some of the difficulties when educating, and he also had his problems when he was young. This means that he gets down on their level, and it is also an instrument to make the speech more interesting to this type of group, which he appeals to.
However, all these expectations the country has to every single student are clearly told in the speech because Obama repeats it several times as a rhetorical instrument, so the students don’t forget. Furthermore he makes clear that the students parents, government and whole...

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