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Obama's Healthcare Plan Essay

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Krystal Walls

November 30, 2012

Obama Care Plan

Audience: Americans in Need

In today's nation health is one of the biggest issues. A higher percentage of people making less substantial income that can't afford health insurance are less privileged than the wealthy. Though the United States has the most expensive healthcare system in the world, 47 million Americans have no health insurance. Healthcare is the country's largest economic sector, four times larger than national defense. Yet millions can't afford to take care of their health needs. Can anything be done to save it? Yes it can because President Barack Obama has a plan to help the families in need. His plan is the Obama ...view middle of the document...

The Obama Care provides insurance to millions of low income and middle income Americans by providing discounts on state or federal run health insurance exchanges. Although the Obama Care was signed into in 2010, the health care reforms it provides roll out year by year until 2022. Obama Care guarantees that Health Care is available to any legal U.S. Resident who cannot otherwise obtain “good” healthcare through their employer.

Obama Care offers a wide range of benefits and services. Some of the Benefits of Obama Care are all ready rolled out and many more Obama Care benefits are coming 2013, 2014 and beyond. As one benefit of Obama Care, if you make less $93,700 as a family you and your loved ones will receive health insurance financing in order to help pay your premium when you purchase health insurance through the online market place. This means that you won't be paying the full cost of Obama Care. Middle and low income families and individuals will also be helped with out-of-pocket costs and medicaid coverage if your family decides to offer it. Because of the new health law, 12.8 million individuals and business got back more than &1.1 billion in rebates in 2012 from insurance companies who underspent on medical care.

Obama Care is said to have a massive cost for the American government and is estimated at up to 2 trillion dollars in the next 10 years. The truth is that Obama Care will save the government money by reducing the health care costs of all Americans via a universal healthcare plan that...

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