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O.J. Simpson Essay

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O.J. Simpson
"I have always wanted to be liked and respected." This is a quote taken from O.J. Simpson that he said to the media. This proves that O.J. really wants people to think he is a good guy and trustworthy. While many people feel O.J. Simpson has done many bad things in his life and is a bad person, I disagree. “I think throughout his life he has shown more determination, skill, and endurance than any professional athlete. Orenthal James Simpson was born July 9, 1947. He did not have a lot of money in his childhood, however, he did what he could to help his family while he was growing up. Some of the many great achievements in O.J.'s life are : he was a heisman winner for USC, a ...view middle of the document...

When it comes to being a person with a lot of determination, O.J. is guilty.
Success- O.J. is the definition of the word success. Simpson is best known for cutting through
defenses like a knife. However, O.J. was good at almost everything he tried to do. In college he was a member of the USC track team, and was even a member of the sprint medley relay team that broke a world record. O.J. Simpson was a great athlete, and could have probably could have played any sport and been the best at it. However, that is not where life stopped for O.J., after his days of playing football were over, O.J. decided to take a stab at acting. O.J. was a great actor, playing roles in over thirty movies and television shows. O.J. Simpson also endorsed many companies, and his endorsement of Hertz Rent A Car in 1975 made him the first African American to endorse a company. Hertz had a highly successful advertising campaign with O.J. at the front and he went on to endorse many other companies such as Royal Crown Cola, Schick, Foster Grant, Tree Sweet Orange Juice, and Wilson Sporting Goods. O.J. Simpson proved one thing whether it be football, track, or acting he is extremely talented. When it comes to being a successful person, O.J. is guilty
Endurance- O.J. Simpson has had a very up and down life but he has kept his head high through all of it. O.J. was born into a poor family in 1947. Despite being poor and living in a rough neighborhood, O.J. had a good attitude and did what he could to support his family. O.J. spent much of his early life working very hard to excel at sports. In the classroom O.J. was not very good which prevented him from going to a really good college right out of high-school. However, O.J. did not let this stop him. He was accepted into a junior college where he played football and murder defenses for fifty four touchdowns...

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