O’connor’s Works: An In Depth Analysis

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Generally when a person writes a story, they use past experiences and adventures in their life to help create a plot for their stories. Usually these events create a base for which the author writes upon thus contributing to the author’s exceptional way of thinking. For example, author Terry Teachout says that “O'Connor's religious beliefs were central to her art” (Teachout 56). O’Connor’s religion played a crucial role in her writings. Flannery O'Connor is regarded one of the major brief tale authors in United States literary performs. Among the thing that makes her work stand out to date is the boldness in her writing in style which she made no effort to hide her affiliation to the ...view middle of the document...

She successfully uses made-up characters from the south to depict a rather bizarre religiosity of the protestant fundamentalists to show a spiritual life which is struggling to exist in what is rather a non-spiritual world. Flannery O'Connor's qualifications affected her to create the story "Revelation." an essential impact on the tale is her Southern experience. During her life-time, Southerners were extremely prejudiced towards other people of other cultures. They regarded that poor individuals were substandard to them; therefore, individuals were marked as different things and placed into different community sessions.
Loads and loads of works have been written with the sole intention of honouring one O’Connor and trying to shed some light on her literary genius. Unlike many writers of her time O’Connor did not write to entertain or edify. She was not a modernist either something that influenced her writing style towards grotesque shock other than gentle persuasion Her literature sought to reorder the way we perceived the love of God at the same time maintaining the integrity if her artistic writing style. O’Connor can be put in the same literary class as the likes of Sophocles depicting her as a post-modern classic writer. In her fictions work, she does not shy to criticize spiritual apathy and materialism critiquing the modern-day rationalism’s nullification to the need for a Christian faith (Whitt 122). She successfully uses made-up characters from the south to depict a rather bizarre religiosity of the protestant fundamentalists to show a spiritual life which is struggling to exist in what is rather a non-spiritual world. Another common feature in her stories is that of a heavenly grace descending in a violent and bizarre manner to a main character that is spiritually deficient. An invader to her rural village is what she used mostly to redeem protagonists who are infested with materialism, greed and intellectualism. In “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” arguably one of her best works, a complacent grandmother has no choice but recognize the power of spirituality when murderers attack and kill her family then her. In such a case, O’Connor’s genius is apparent in using action to fixate her young-at-heart readers yet still managing to put in concise prose that is almost epigrammatic in nature (Fitzgerald 222). Her deep understanding of imagery is also an issue that has been acknowledged by many of her critiques and lovers alike with most of her work having a vivid description of the situation at hand. From these facts, it is quite safe to argue that the influence of O’Connor’s work to modern literature is not in question. Many post-modern writers have tried to devise their own styles of writing but with O’Connor as the background some of who acknowledge while others see no point.
The Southern region offered O'Connor with the pictures she required for her individuals. In the same way, this can quickly be identified in her brief tale...

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