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Nvq Supporting The Teacher Essay

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1. Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments.
As a Teaching Assistant supervising a group of seven year olds who are to learn to play musical instruments, I would first make sure these instruments are available, clean, safe and ready to be used for this lesson according to the school policies regarding material safety and hygiene.
When children are trying to play with these instruments I should ensure they are correctly held and used. Any music sheets related to playing must be prepared and available in the classroom in advance.
Pupils who have difficulties playing or holding the ...view middle of the document...

Any marks should be reported to the teacher who will take further action.
During the lesson, I must make sure the material is appropriately used and held by the pupil and is not being damaged. It is also important to keep an inventory of the material.

3. What aspects of safety would you consider?
Before starting the lesson, each material should be checked for its safety. This material is not meant to cause any harm or injury to the children.
Also its state. The instrument should be not broken or damaged.
Hygiene. Children can put some instruments in their mouth, co I could clean the mouth pieces.
Availability. The instruments should be accessible and the amount of instruments should be sufficient for the number of children in the class.
Ready before the lesson starts and put in the right place.
Some instruments require electricity. In this case it is imperative to check electric cables for safety before, during and after the lesson. During the lesson, it is important that all children understand and follow the instructions related to using the instruments. If they don’t know how to use or play the instrument, a demonstration should be given to ensure the playing is safe.
In some cases, if the children try to beat each other with the percussion instruments, my role as a Teaching Assistant is to intervene and stop this behaviour, repeat the rules, separate the children from each other to stop them poking each other and report this to the teacher.

4. Describe how you can act in class in order to be an effective role model for the standards of behaviour expected in pupils.
In all my interactions with pupils and even with the teacher and staff, as a Teaching Assistant I should show good example of positive behaviour expected in the school to be able...

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