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Nutritional Goals & Education Essay

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Nutritional Goals & Education

Goals of Nutritional Education
The purpose of this paper is to explore different methods of nutrition that will be educated and incorporated into and outside the classroom. I will introduce a sample lunch and a snack menu as well as strategies to inform and engage families of the nutritional program in children at home and in school.
Food choices are influenced by different factors such as cultural background, current culture, age, gender, family, and financial aspects of a family. The main purpose of food is to nourish the body; food means far more than that to many people. Consumption of a healthy diet by young children is essential to provide for ...view middle of the document...

Also, speak with the parents to ensure that I am accommodating each child’s special dietary needs. Once having parents on board me would then create a budget for menu’s and then determine income sources for implementing the menu.
Sample Lunch and Snack Menu
| Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday |
Lunch | Choose One:Chicken Fillet Sandwich or Tuna SaladChicken Pot-Pie Choose Two: Mashed PotatoesSteamed BroccoliSliced peaches Green beans | Choose One:Fish NuggetsChef Salad Loaded Bake PotatoesChoose Two:Oranges Black-eyed peasApple SauceSliced Pears | Choose One: Country Style SteakMeatloafMacaroni & CheeseChoose Two:Steamed CabbageTossed SaladPineapple TidbitsCorn on cob | Choose One:PizzaBeefaroniChicken TendersChoose Two:Glazed CarrotsSteamed CornMixed FruitCole Slaw | Choose One:Asian ChickenCheeseburgerCorndogsChoose Two:Vegetable MedleyVegetable SoupTurnip GreensBaked Apples |
Snack | Choose One:Peanut butter CookiesOatmeal CookiesGranola | Choose One:English MuffinApple BreadBagels | Choose One:Apple SauceYogurtFruit Salad | Choose One: Orange slicesPearsGraham Crackers | Choose One:Cherry MuffinFruit CocktailStrawberry & Blueberry fruit mix |...

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