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Nutrition Project 3 Essay

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A good amount of my strengths come from my upbringing. I am the oldest of three and I learned how to be a leader at very young age. I consider myself to a very understanding, friendly and adaptable person. I also have been told I am a very good listener and I put myself before always. I am willing to help anyone who asks for help as well as helping those who may not be so straightforward. More towards the dietician side I have been practicing my profession since I was 13. My parents are very health conscious people and I was brought up in a house of moderation and making sure we always ate our veggie at dinner. I could tell my friends what foods high fat content, which was a healthier fat, read a nutrition label, ...view middle of the document...

In my coursework I strangely enjoy anatomy. I love learning about the body and how it applies to daily life. I feel like through my BIO 203 I am making connections to my major with our material. I also enjoy my Communications class and actually interacting with people and becoming a better speaker. In work experience I love meeting all walks of people and helping them with whatever their issue is. I love volunteering and I can’t wait till I can combine my major with volunteering this summer!
My short-term goal is to get accepted into the Coordinated Program and get an internship. Also this summer I would like to job shadow at St. Jude’s Hospital in Chicago. A long-term goal of mine is to work at a camp equivalent to Well Springs; it’s a camp/school for kids that are overweight. The dieticians teach them how to eat properly and then athletic trainers help them lose the pounds. That would be my dream job.
I am lacking knowledge probably in designing meal plans for people. I just need the areas of learning from Purdue and how to apply it to real people. I have the personal skills, now I just need to attain the hard skills.
I need to job shadow this summer to actually live in the life of a Registered Dietician. I need to see what they do on a day-to-day basis and see what’s the important skill to acquire from college and what skills I could improve on. I need to get more food service management volunteering opportunities and learn how to manage foodservice jobs.
I am going to help out in the dining courts and present the posters and information about foods in the dining court and help make teens aware of certain types of food.

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