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Nutrition In Infants And Toddlers Essay

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Nutrition during infancy and Toddler -hood
PSY104: Child and Adolescent Development
Instructor: Buthaina Alaloom
Tonya Castorena
1 Mar 2010

Nutrition during infancy and Toddler -hood

Nutrition is very important during an infance's life span. The child not only needs
nurishment, but a healthy lifestyle involving the nuturing of family and friends. As a child
grows, it is very important that it gets the proper nutrition so that its bones developes
normaly. The bones will form and develope in a way that will be unhealthy for the child as
it grows older. Without the proper vitamins and calcium, bones will become brittle and the
child will be prone to cuts and fractures more ...view middle of the document...

Not only can a child stop growing, it can get
diseases and other problems related to its growth. If a child gets too much nurishment it
can lead to obesity at an early age. While obesity prevention has long been the focus of
figure-conscious adults, a new Harvard Medical School study suggests that parents
should also monitor the weight of their infant children. While obesity prevention has
long been the focus of figure-conscious adults, a new Harvard Medical School study
suggests that parents should also monitor the weight of their infant children. A study
published in the April issue of Pediatrics, found that rapid weight gain during the first
six months of life may put children at risk for obesity by the age of three.

"At first it may seem implausible that weight gain over just a few months early in
infancy could have long-term health consequences, but it makes sense because so much
of human development takes place during that period - and even before birth,"
(Matthew Gillman, M.D)

Maintaing good nutrition throughout life, even after you are older and on your own is very

important. It not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, but helps you live longer than normal.

While parents are ultimately responsible for decisions about infant feeding, there is a role for

others in raising awareness of good infant nutrition practices and providing education and

support to help parents make the best choices for their babies. Health care providers,

governmental agencies, childcare professionals and their accrediting agencies, and the food

and nutrition industries all play an important part in...

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