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Nutrition And Health Essay

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Nutrition and Health Worksheet

Use Ch. 1 of Contemporary Nutrition, Ch. 2 of Visualizing Nutrition, supplemental course materials, the University Library, the Internet, or other resources to answer the following questions. Your response to each question should be 75 to 100 words.

1. What is nutrition? Why is nutrition essential to our daily lives? |
“As molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics advance, nutrition has become more focused on the steps of biochemical sequences through which substances inside us and other living organisms are transformed from one form to another - metabolism and metabolic pathways” (Bellavia, 2013) The focus of Nutrition is on diseases, how to ...view middle of the document...


3. What are the six classes of nutrients? What are essential nutrients? What are the sources of nutrients? What do nutrients do? |
The six basic classes of nutrients that we must consider in our diets are; water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Essential nutrients are things that are needed for our body do function properly to prevent disease or death. Water is the most critical nutrient of all without it we will be dehydrated, electrolyte imbalance, and even death. Carbohydrates are our building blocks for other nutrients, a source of energy, dietary excess stored as fat. Fats or lipids are a greater source of energy stored at a higher concentration than carbohydrates. They can be used as a source of heat, insulation and body protection from trauma. We can find these in soybean oil, corn oil, and fish oil. Proteins are more expensive than the other nutrients needed for survival. These essential amino acids are the basic structure needed in metabolism, hormone, antibody and DNA production. When we eat protein in excess without exercise it is converted into fat. Two classes of minerals are needed for skeletal function and protein synthesis, oxygen transport, fluid and acid-base balance, enzyme reactions. For major minerals we need Ca, P, Na, Cl, Mg, K, S. Minor minerals also known as trace minerals are Co, Cu, F, I, Fe, Mn, Mo, Se, Zn. A deficiency or excess of any of these can lead to disease. Vitamins are also in two different classes water soluble B&C and Fat Soluble A,D,E,K. Most of the vitamins we take on a daily basis help with multiple functions in the body involving metabolism, and enzyme reactions. The more we age the greater the requirements will be and deficiencies/excess can also lead to disease. |

4. How do vitamins and minerals work? |
Vitamins and minerals have different functions in our bodies, some of them work together and others work alone. Vitamins and minerals help us maintain healthy tissue, muscles, organs, bones, and blood. When they work together to help the body, some vitamins are needed to absorb certain minerals. Vitamin D and Calcium work together to protect and develop teeth and bones, nerve transmission, blood clotting and regulate muscle contractions. Vitamin C and Iron also work together by producing an electron, making it easier to be absorbed by the body. Magnesium and calcium have specific duties in the body and they also work together. Regulating contraction and relaxation of the muscles and cell membrane maintenance. They are also needed to builds strong bones and teeth. B-complex vitamins consist of eight vitamins all used together for overall growth, maintenance and development of the body. Most of the B vitamins are found in the fortified grains and cereal we eat daily. |

5. What does it mean to eat a balanced diet? Why is food choice important for good nutrition? |
A balanced diet means eating different types of food from a variety of food groups....

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