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Nutrition And Fitness Essay

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Nutrition and Fitness Paper
SCI/100 Paradigms of Health
Padma Tadi-Uppala

Since this class began I have gained a new level of consciousness where my fitness is concerned. My current fitness program falls well short of what it should be. It consists of occasionally participating in a sporting event such as basketball. I have some exercise equipment in my home which I use approximately once a month. Basically, I have no fitness plan. My nutritional habits also leaves something to be desired. The habits that have practice in the past have created problems for me in the form of hypertension and elevated levels of cholesterol. The cholesterol levels are currently in the ...view middle of the document...

Being overweight and obese also exposes people to several types of cancer, including endometrial, colon, gallbladder, and prostate cancer. Imagine being diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 18. Gladman and Callen (2010) Journal of the American Medical Association reported patients who were classified as obese based on their body mass index at age 18 developed psoriatic arthritis. Premature death is the most serious risk associated with being overweight and obese. Avoiding obesity does not guarantee a longer life however, you can possibly avoid many of the complications associated with obesity.
Fitness habits come in all shapes and sizes. Each individual must know him, or herself in order to develop a fitness plan that will work for them. Given the pace at which we live these days, finding time for fitness can be very difficult. My fitness routine would benefit from the addition of a stretching regimen. Stretching the muscles creates longer healthier muscle tissue. Stretching also decreases the risk of muscle injuries. While at work I would benefit from taking the stairs more frequently instead of using the elevators. Taking the stairs more frequently would incorporate small increases in my heart rate periodically thereby, helping with cardio fitness. My plan would also benefit from taking a 20 to 30 minute walk after dinner. The walk would help with digestion. My plan may also benefit from breathing exercises that can be done anytime. Breathing exercises help improve the oxygen exchange process. I can recall from my time in military how breathing exercises allowed me to sustain physical activities. Breathing exercises also improves the longest ability to take in more air through expansion. It is similar to weightlifting. Lifting heavier weights forces the muscle tissue to adapt and grow. Taking deeper breaths more frequently forces the lungs to expand in order to hold more air. These are all habits that can be incorporated while using no additional resources. The most important aspect of these new habits would be making time for them.
Fitness plans must have the physical aspect of the plan. The plan must also encompass a nutritional aspect. There are numerous habits that can be incorporated to improve your health. One habit that can be changed relates to what you eat. When you eat more fresh foods, you...

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