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Nutrition Essay

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The basis of this project was to document my weekly food intake and exercise. The idea was to incorporate the nutrition knowledge that was learnt in class. The tracker used was MyPyramid’s SuperTracker and it was able to give a detailed report of the nutrients and calories I consumed in a week. It also informed me of what nutrients were deficient or too excessive in my diet. This research will provide a detailed breakdown of how nutritious my diet is, what nutrients my body needs, whether I am consuming enough calories a day, and finally if I am receiving enough physical activity in order to stay healthy.

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Although I didn’t play many sports in school, I became a competitive cheerleader my senior year. When I wasn’t busy with homework and cheer practice I was working out at the gym with friends. School and cheerleading where the only things I thought about that year. It wasn’t until after I graduated that my healthy lifestyle began to change drastically. I decided to stay in Germany with my family and take college classes through the University of Maryland. I quickly noticed that college was a lot more stressful and time consuming than high school had ever been. It seemed like studying and working part time at a restaurant took up all of my time. Whenever I was at work I would eat a lot of junk food like hot wings, French fries, and tons of soda to keep me going. On my off days I wouldn’t have the energy to work out so instead would just lounge around at home. I soon realized how much my lifestyle and body was changing. I became so unsatisfied with my health and lifestyle that I was becoming depressed. It seemed like one day I looked in the mirror and was completely unhappy with what I had done to my body. I had earned the title of gaining the “Freshman Fifteen” and wanted it gone...

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Nutrition - 644 words

644 words - 3 pages MAX POINTS: 30 (30 questions, 1 point each)

1. Food production has become dangerous.
A. more
B. less 2. The industrial food system began with:
A. dine-in restaurants.
B. the fast food drive in.

3. Which corporation is the largest purchaser of potatoes?
A. Carl’s Junior
B. In ‘N Out
C. McDonald’s
D. None of the above

4. The top four beef packers control percent of the market.
A. 30
B. 50
C. 80
D. 99

5. It takes days for

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