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Nursing Sensitive Indicators Essay

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A. Discuss how an understanding of nursing-sensitive indicators could assist the nurses in this case in identifying issues that may interfere with patient care.
Nursing-sensitive indicators are determinations used to delineate the excellence of nursing interventions and positive patient outcomes. This is not a new concept. In the 1800’s, Florence Nightingale, a promoter of outcomes, revealed such indicators when she revealed her statistical findings of soldier’s mortality rate associated to environmental conditions during the Crimean War (Fee & Garofalo, 2010).
Over the past decades, various studies world-wide have been conducted on the connection of ...view middle of the document...

Restraints are only to be used as a last resort after all other interventions have been implemented without success. That being stated, if a patient must be placed on restraints, qualified professionals must have a comprehensive understanding of patient outcomes that correspond with the use of restraints. First and foremost, skin integrity is placed at risk if proper placement and management of patient care while in restraints is not implemented as with the case of Mr. J. There is numerous evidence based research studies conducted that correlate the use of restrains with an increase in pressure ulcers (Baumgarten, Margolis, Localio, Kagan, Lowe, Kinosian, Abbuhi & Abbuhi, 2010).
Mr. J.’s daughter noticed a red mark on her father who then reported this to the nursing assistant and her concerns were immediately dismissed. If the nursing assistant was properly trained in the use of restraints and had knowledge of patient outcomes, this patient would not have developed a pressure ulcer. The nursing assistant should have immediately informed the nurse and measurements should have been taken to prevent further breakdown of the patient’s skin which was not done. It is evident in reading this case that Mr. J developed a Stage I pressure ulcer from being retrained in one position with no assessment or release for an undetermined amount of time.
A second nursing-sensitive indicator that was clearly overlooked was patient satisfaction with overall care. Defined by the ANA, this is a measure of patient perception of the hospital experience related to satisfaction with overall care. (ANA, 2014).
Mr. J, being Jewish only consumed kosher meats which was his current diet in the hospital. A non-kosher meal was served to this patient that he was not able to consume and to make matters worse; this incident was kept from the daughter intentionally. This is a clear indication that the staff did not care about the patient’s wants or needs. Patient satisfaction is a key component in delivering exceptional care among patients in the facility with which one is employed. Patient satisfaction is a major indicator of quality of care; this quality can be measured by correlating patient satisfaction with nursing care. Upon discharge, patients are mailed surveys or follow-up phone calls in regards to their satisfaction of overall care among nursing. Dissatisfied patients who voice their complaints ultimately affect the overall health care system in a negative light. Patient’s views and opinions of their health care system are extremely important to an institution’s continued success.
B. Analyze how hospital data on specific nursing-sensitive indicators (such as incidence of pressure ulcers and prevalence of restraints) could advance quality patient care throughout the hospital.
Data on nursing indicators and outcomes are essential in measuring efforts to improve health care quality. Institutions need to know what works and what does not in...

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