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Nursing Philosophy Essay

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My name is LF. I am a registered nurse for 7 years now. I currently work at WCH in MI and I also work very part time at GSRMC. I am an Emergency Department Nurse. Every day is a different experience from one extreme to another.
Nursing is an ever changing, always learning, and never ending practice by a special person, trained by special people to provide care for even more special people. I use this definition because every day I am told that I am a special person to be able to do what I do. Nursing requires assessment, analyzing, diagnosis, identification, interventions, outcomes, planning, teaching, education, implementation, treatment, providing, evaluating, revising, and counseling. While using all of these skills nursing also provides for people using ...view middle of the document...

In the nursing field I feel there are many assumptions that can be viewed as a negative or positive. I think our assumptions originally stem from our values or beliefs that we have learned through life. When I first started nursing I believed or assumed that everyone took care of themselves. I assumed that they had family or friends to help them when they could not. I would have never assumed that there are people in this world that live alone but cannot see or hear or feel what they are doing or fall down and lay there for days before someone notices them. Today I understand and assume every person that I care for needs my help in some way or another.
The three major domains of nursing include a person, health and environment. A person can be defined as human or an individual. Some examples of a person are a child, an adult, a teenager, and an elder. Health is an always changing condition and viewed differently. What I think is in bad health someone else might view as good health. Environment is the surroundings in which someone lives. The domains are connected by the environment can impact a person’s health. It can influence a person positively or negatively.
My vision of nursing is fearful but I am hoping that I can make a more positive difference. As a nurse in the ED I see many patients that abuse the system. I worry about how hospitals can continue to pay me to provide care which will lead to fewer nurses and more patients. My challenges as a nurse are to provide the best care for my patients in the environment I am given sometimes making it difficult. My goal is to obtain my masters so that I can help develop programs to increase health education in the communities and to prevent future hospital visits.

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