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Nursing Paper On Peplau's Theory Of Interpersonal Relations

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Peplau’s Theory of Interpersonal Relations
Jennifer Holzer
Chamberlain College of Nursing
Nursing 501 Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice
Spring 2014

Nursing theory is important because it is the foundation and structure for the profession of nursing. There are many different types of theories and they all serve a specific purpose. Theories are important and valuable because they allow the nurse to understand and comprehend their role as a nursing professional. Theories also play a part in helping the nurse deal with patients and other disciplines in nursing and most important the role of a nurse in this ...view middle of the document...

Peplau’s major concepts discuss how the nurse and the patient work together to achieve the same result. Her theory would be categorized as a middle range theory. Through this process the nurse and the patient both gain more information, knowledge. They will grow during the process. In Peplau’s Theory there are phases, roles of the nurse and components which make up the entire theory. The orientation phase is when the nurse and patient first meet. The role of the nurse would be that similar to a stranger. It is important to develop trust and a good rapport with the patient. Her identification of this relation is extremely valid and meaningful. I understand how a patient would feel apprehensive and nervous about the Orientation Phase .I think her terminology is spot on because in essence the patients are all strangers to us as we are to them. The interpersonal process involves the person, environment and health. The person is defined as the patient. The environment is defined as the setting to where the interaction will take place such as a hospital or doctor’s office. The goal in the environment is to make the patient feel safe and ease they anxiety often felt between the nurse and patient. The health is defined as the overall wellbeing of the patient and the progress being made to achieve wellness. The Identification phase is when the nurse selects the most appropriate assistance. The role of the nurse in this phase is that of a surrogate. The exploitation phase is when the nurse and patient explore all avenues necessary to accomplish a common goal. The role of the nurse in this phase would be a counselor or teacher. The final phase would be the resolution phase which is defined as the termination of a professional relationship. The nurse can be used as a resource in this phase of the relationship. (Ramesh 2013)

It is extremely important for the nurse to identify, recognize and apply principles of the human relationships to the problems that arise in all levels of the experience between the nurse and patient. The theory is interpersonal because it involves two or more individuals with a common goal. It is an excellent theory because we cannot dehumanize nursing. We do focus on the science aspect and the clinical indications and interventions; however we cannot lose focus of the healing aspect of nursing which all began with Peplau’s Theory. She had great insight on how to develop a good rapport with an individual to help them achieve optimal healing mentally, physically and spiritually. This theory applies to nursing education because sometimes the human aspect is overlooked. Too many times the focus is on the diagnosis or abnormal lab values than taking into consideration how the patient is actually feeling and how that contributes to their overall wellbeing. As a nurse educator it is important to stress how nurses should apply principles of the human relationship to the problems that will arise. This theory definitely impacts patient...

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