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Nursing Management Essay

4413 words - 18 pages

1. Relate leadership and other motivational theories to behaviors that serve as important functions of professional nursing.
a. Leadership theories
i. Trait theories:
2. Innate leadership skills: being born with a certain set of physical and emotional characteristics for inspiring others to reach a common goal
ii. Style theories:
4. How leaders behave in certain environments and situations.
a. Democratic: you care about what others think
b. Lasae faire: no structure; people can do what they want
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Follow perceives a positive relationship between effort and performance.
viii. OB Modification
17. Operant conditioning. Positive and negative reinforcement.
2. Examine complexity theory principles in assisting nurses in leading change and solving problems.
c. Complexity theory
ix. Complexity science promotes the idea that the world is full of systems that interact and adapt through relationships.
x. Nurses must be flexible and dynamic to be in tune with the ever-changing systems of people, health care, public policy, and human relationships.
xi. Notes:
18. According to complexity theory, networks evolve around areas of common interest and are able to respond to problems in creative and novel ways.
19. The principle “Think systematically,” you cannot ignore objective data or non-measurable data, as both inform decisions.
d. Complexity Theory Principles
xii. Shared decision making without regard to hierarchy.
20. Everyone has a voice
21. Example: working together as a unit to help with infection control. Good ideas can come from anywhere
xiii. Every voice counts
xiv. Every encounter between and among patients may add to effective decision-making.
xv. Notes:
22. Shared governance is often used as a motivating factor. It is decision making in which staff at any level is engaged in shaping policy and practices that impact patient care.
3. Differentiate between the characteristics and roles of a leader, manager, and follower.
e. Leader
xvi. Guides others through complex, unchartered, or perilous circumstances.
xvii. No standard outcome
xviii. Decisions high in complexity
xix. Leads people
xx. Notes from class:
23. Very people oriented; they lead people. You get confidence from the followers that you have the best intentions. If a leader was tasked with dealing with tardiness they would have a collaboration and work together to see what the problem is. They would lead the person and not the process (like the manager would; they would go by the policy)
24. Good leaders are flexible
25. Effective leaders use CRITICAL THINKING
f. Manager
xxi. Guides others through derived routines, procedures or practices
xxii. Pre-established outcomes
xxiii. Decisions routine in frequency and low in complexity.
xxiv. Manages processes and resources
xxv. Notes from class:
26. Managing PROCESSES; there are pre-existing standards. Someone who enforces POLICY (consequences). Very routine – making sure a unit work smoothly.
g. Follower
xxvi. Contribute to problem identification
27. You identify the problem and take ACTION. They bring it up to the right persons attention and brings...

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