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Nursing Delegation Essay

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Intake and Output Delegation to an Unlicensed Assistive Personnel
XXXXXXX University School of Nursing

Nursing is an excellent career and one that is in very high demand. Many times, the workload required of nurses is too much to bare. When working as a nurse, it is often necessary to delegate tasks to others in order to provide the best possible care for a patient. Before delegating to assistive personnel, the nurse must make sure the assistant is competent in performing the desired task. All 5 rights of delegation must be met. These rights include the right task, circumstance, person, direction/communication, & supervision. There are some tasks that a nurse must not ...view middle of the document...

The patient’s vital signs are stable which keeps the patient from receiving a score that would indicate a current unstable state or strong potential for change. The unlicensed assistive personnel has 1 year of experience and is new to the unit. She shows confident in her skills and is trusted by the nursing staff. While she lacks the experience to be an expert in this population, the 1-year experience and the all-around confidence of everyone in the unit shows that the assistant is appropriately competent in the defined population’s tasks. Measuring of intake and output is a task that an unlicensed assistive personnel could master within a year of working. The nurse received a score indicating that the RN is experienced in the patient’s needs and can delegate properly. The nurse has 2 years of experience on the step down unit, which is enough to learn how to delegate simple tasks and supervise those doing them. More experience is needed on this particular unit in order to be a complete expert.
With this particular patient, the task of documenting input and output has almost no potential for harm. The risk involved would receive no score on the delegation chart making it a suitable task for a UAP. Documenting intake and output is performed daily so its frequency is fitting for an unlicensed assistive personnel....

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