Nursing And Domestic Violence Essay

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Class Participation: Describe how patients in your setting are screened for intimate partner violence; child abuse and neglect; and elder abuse and neglect? What behaviors or physical findings lead you to suspect abuse? What does your hospital policy state about reporting abuse? Response should be 3-4 well developed paragraphs with references (2 points

Jarvis (2012) reminds us that any facility that provides health care must have in place policies to that allow healthcare providers to assess for domestic violence; and that once the assessment has been done, the healthcare provider has a clear avenue to with which they may document and report their findings. There is a distinction ...view middle of the document...

When I was working in a NICU, there was less focus in this regard on the infants because they had been observed from birth; however, monitoring for signs and symptoms of narcotic/stimulant/noxious substance or ETOH withdrawal was routinely performed. The prenatal history was scrutinized by the assigned nurses, especially in cases of IUGR. Further, the interaction between parents and infant, grandparents and parents, and parents with each other was also monitored for any signs of controlling behavior, physical contact outside of accepted norms and emotional distress of any kind.

When I was practicing nursing on an adult Med-Surg floor, we had many patients who came to us from nursing homes, or from home environments where they were cared for by family members. Some of our assessment questions included questions about if the patient felt safe at home; if they felt a family member, friend or acquaintance was abusing them financially, physically or emotionally; if the patient felt they had sufficient opportunities for social interaction and religious expression; did they wish to return to where they had admitted from; did they always have their medications when they needed them; was their pain managed well at home, and did they always have pain medication available when it was needed—this last to determine if there was a risk of narcotic diversion by family members or caregivers. We performed physical assessments to determine the skin condition, heights and weights were obtained and a nutritional evaluation was performed. Behavior toward family and caregivers was monitored, and any anxiety or distress noted and investigated further by our social workers. If there was need for further investigation, it was initiated by the assigned nurse through the charge RN, unit manager, physician and social work department. CPS and APS involvement occurred when warranted. As nurses, we are mandated reporters.

In my current position, I review clinical information provided to me by the acute facility case managers and social workers related to acute inpatient hospital admissions. Any time a patient is admitted with injuries that are suspect in any way, I expect the clinical review to indicate that a CPS/APS or social work consult has been ordered. I review for unexplained injuries, children hurt in accidents that appear to have been totally preventable (unrestrained passengers in auto accidents, injuries sustained that have no explanation, children or adults who require medication that has not been refilled timely, treatments that have been missed, patients admitted with failure to thrive or other diagnoses that indicate proper care, nutrition or...

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