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Nurs 427 Dq 1 1 Essay

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Nurs 427 dq 1-1

What is your idea of a healthy community?
Provide specific examples. What do healthy communities have in common?
How would you provide care for a community if your idea of a healthy community does not match your community's definition of a healthy community?

Maurer & Smith (2009), stated, “A healthy community is one in which residents are happy with their choice of location and which exhibits characteristics that would draw others to their location. The majority of community residents are relatively functional for their age and health status” (p. 394). My idea of a healthy community is to live by a good school district and most people want to move to this area, and no homeless people on the major streets that are begging for money.

As cited in National Network of Public ...view middle of the document...

They are what we now call the social determinants of health, such as employment opportunities, or access to health care and preventive health services” (NNPHI, 2013). The area I live fits the “Healthy Community definition”: Walking distance to the mall, grocery store, local high schools, and medical centers. The housing price in my area is quite high, but there are still a lot of people want to move to where I live because of the qualities of healthy communities mentioned above.

If my community does not match the definition of a healthy community, I would start by researching 1) people, 2) place, 3) social interaction or common characteristics in this community (Maurer & Smith, 2009). Find out what are the ages, gender, race/ethnicity, religion, occupations, and socioeconomic status (Maurer & Smith, 2009) of the majority of the population and form the teaching in their language to be cultural sensitive.
Check the places where most people live, and check the safety of the water, environment of where most people live. Then I would organize a health seminar/check up, providing topics like blood pressure check up, and weight measurement and inform the population the dangerous of the high blood pressure, and high BMI to increase health awareness. As for the social interaction or common characteristics in this community, I would search for the common health problem, and provide teaching or referrals for the people in the community.


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