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I think that the countries that have nuclear weapons should be changed. There are five countries that have nuclear weapons under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Those countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, China. There have also been for countries who have made nuclear weapons and are not under this treaty. Those countries are India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea. I think that if a country is designing nuclear weapons and they should be under the treaty, and when they are under the treaty they should be able to make nuclear weapons freely. But if they are not under the treaty than they should not be able to make nuclear weapons. The first reason is that there are so many countries with so many nuclear warheads. My next reason is that the US is controlling some countries and prohibiting them from making nuclear warheads. The last ...view middle of the document...

Other countries like Pakistan, India, Israel, and North Korea have nuclear warheads and those countries are not part of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. None of those countries has over 150 total nuclear warheads the most is Pakistan with 90 to 110 total nuclear warheads.

If a country wants to design nuclear warheads then they should be a part of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treat, and a country should not be able to control what another country is making if they are under the treaty. Iran has the technology to be able to build nuclear warheads but currently the United States is controlling whether or not Iran to build nuclear warheads. Iran already has most of the material, technology, and equipment to start building nuclear warheads. Even if Iran made nuclear missiles they would not be able to hit the United States because they would not have intercontinental ballistic missiles. The only way they could hit the United States as if they came up to the coast of the United States and launched them from boats.
There are some countries that borrow nuclear weapons. As of now there are five countries that have borrowed nuclear weapons these countries are Belgium, German, Italy, Netherlands, and Turkey. There was a nonaligned movement which said that “countries should refrain from sharing nuclear weapons for military purposes”. The United States has lent out nuclear weapons to other countries such as Canada, South Korea, Greece nuclear weapons that have been our best countries have been taken back by the United States.

That is why I think that countries that have nuclear weapons should be changed. The first reason is because so many countries have been and some countries like Russia and the United States have so many nuclear warheads. Also because the United States decides if some countries can build nuclear warheads. My last reason is that some countries have borrowed and are borrowing nuclear warheads from countries like the United States.

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