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Nuclear Safety And Security Essay

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The world has already tasted the vast destruction caused by two atom bombs that were dropped by America on the two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in 1945. Thousands of innocent people lost their lives, several thousands were seriously wounded. The diseases and deformities that developed in human beings who were directly or indirectly affected by the radiation lasted several decades after the dastardly act. Fortunately for humanity, no such ignominy has befallen ever since. But it does not mean that the danger of a nuclear warhead being used by some rogue state is not there. Today, so many countries possess nuclear weapons and the day when a war between countries goes nuclear, the ...view middle of the document...

The United Nations supported by the veto wielding countries-America, France, UK, China and Russia have so far been able to stop the wars that have been fought after the Second World War turning nuclear. The disturbing factor has been that during the last sixty years or so several countries have developed or acquired nuclear weapons. Even small countries like Pakistan and North Korea have atom bombs. The world body has not been able to stop these nations from acquiring dangerous nuclear weapons.

This is a highly dangerous development. However, the UN, the major countries, the IAEA which is the international watchdog against nuclear arms race, is making serious efforts to stop the nations from developing nuclear weapons. During 2007, America took an active role in stopping Iran and North Korea from setting up nuclear reactors which, it was apprehended, were being set up to make atom bombs. The US and other major countries threatened to refer these countries to the UN for imposing economic sanctions. India also supported the US move.

Nuclear proliferation is a term used to denote the act of transferring/providing nuclear technology and fuel to other countries-an act which is banned by the UN. This curb is based on the premise that if nuclear technology is transferred freely from one country to the other, a situation will arrive when all the nations of the world will have nuclear weapons-which will prove highly dangerous for the world peace. Apart from being used in war, the nuclear technology and fuel if not handled properly can lead to dangerous accidents and explosions. A big explosion took place in the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in Ukraine. It caused great damage not only to the reactor and the surrounding area, but its nuclear ash which spread over miles by strong wind caused an extensive damage to crops, causing serious diseases among the people.

Several people died due to those diseases. In the reactor itself there were many casualties. This explosion shook the world and also brought the dangers of nuclear explosion before the world. It is therefore necessary to take measures to ensure that such explosions do not reoccur. The G8 in one of its summits undertook to initiate joint efforts and help Ukraine convert the damaged reactor unit site into safe conditions and to make available safe and reliable facilities at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Project (NPP) site necessary for a safe decommissioning of the shut down reactor units. It also urged the Ukraine Government to take necessary steps to assist in the timely and efficient implementation of the programmes and projects within agreed frameworks.

The major nations of the world are committed to enhance controls on radioactive sources. As a result of...

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