Nuclear Medicine Essay

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Nuclear Medicine
Brenda L. Clark
Argosy University
Contemporary Applications of the Sciences
Module 4 Assignment 2
Dr. Frankin Barrish

Nuclear medicine is being used to help fight diseases as well as being able to take
Images of an individual’s body (News Medical, 2015). The radioactive substance works with the nuclear medicine and this is important because it aids with looking inside the opaque human body (News Medical, 2015). Within this paper you will read how the technical and scientific perceptions relate to nuclear medicine.
The most common radiation is radiopharmaceutical in regards to nuclear medicine procedures that are being done today (American Cancer Society, 2015). ...view middle of the document...

Metallic material should not be worn while the test is
being taken, because it can interfere with the results. Also any medication that the individual is taken the doctors needs to know about (How Nuclear Medicine Works, 2015).
In most cases nuclear medicine examinations identify health problems earlier than the other imaging examination methods (Nuclear Medicine and You, 2015). The entire body can be analyzed with nuclear medicine imaging (Nuclear Medicine and You, 2015). The advantage to this is if lesions have occurred. Nuclear medicine examinations also provide additional information to other diagnostics examinations (Nuclear Medicine and You, 2015). The major disadvantage is anatomic resolution (Nuclear Medicine and You, 2015). Nuclear medicine images aren't "pretty," they do not show much anatomic detail (Nuclear Medicine and You, 2015). For this reason, we have started to combine modalities. It is now possible to get a PET-CT which provides both anatomic and physiologic information. Another disadvantage is the exposure to radiation (Nuclear Medicine and You, 2015). A typical nuclear medicine exam exposes a patient to a little more radiation than a chest x-ray but less than a CT scan. The benefit of having a nuclear medicine exam outweighs the risk of not having it.
Cancer, Alzeimers disease (neurological disorders), and cardiovascular diseases are three
types of disease that nuclear medicine imaging diagnoses (National Academy of Sciences, 2007).
Nuclear medicine, which includes PET scans is a type of imaging that uses small amounts of radioactive material to evaluate molecular...

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