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Nuclear Energy 4 Essay

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Nuclear Energy Essay By Jungwoo Kang
Introduction: Nuclear energy is one of the most common methods to create electricity in today’s world. It also is efficient and does not produce a lot of pollution. Furthermore, nuclear energy is also a very flexible source of energy, as it only requires the space to build a nuclear power plant. Electricity is created when a neutron collides into a nucleus inside the reactor core, where the nuclear reactions occur, and causes a chain reaction which results in a tremendous release of heat, this is called fission. This heat is then ...view middle of the document...

The largest concern of using nuclear energy is a meltdown, which is when the nuclear reactors explode. Meltdowns are most commonly due to a loss of coolant, which in turn results in overheating of the reactor core, thus causing it to explode. These disasters destroy its surroundings, spread radiation and spread fallout (residual radioactive dust). One of the largest meltdowns in history was the Chernobyl meltdown. It killed thousands of people, either due to direct exposure to the explosion or because of causes associated with radiation. Nuclear waste is also a very prominent issue, even though most can be recycled, a small percentage cannot, thus it has to be buried underground for thousands of years until it decomposes.
Conclusion: All in all, nuclear energy has its advantages and disadvantages, like every other form of energy. However, it seems to be the most optimistic form of alternative energy source as it produces minimal amounts of greenhouse gases and has a high efficiency. Nevertheless, there are many problems with using nuclear energy, such as safety and waste. These complications have to be fixed before nuclear energy can be 100% dependable on. In conclusion, nuclear energy is one of the most hopeful forms of alternative energy, but does have its problems.

This diagram shows the nuclear chain reaction that occurs inside the reactor core. A single neutron is shot at a uranium atom, which then splits over and over again...

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