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Ntc/411 Network Management Paper

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Network Management

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Network Management
Network management is an integral part of any IT system. Managing a network can be a tough task at times and managers have to decide on the best approaches for their network management. In this paper we’ll discuss out-of-band vs. in-band network management. We’ll also provide some examples of some of the protocols that perform in both types of network management and how enterprise systems are affected by the network management techniques along with business intelligence systems.
In general, in-band and out-of-band refer to whether the solution or technique ...view middle of the document...

Out-of-band devices are normally in-line for the login phase of the connection or user session and can provide pre-connection compliance checks and policy enforcement. Once all the checks and policy sessions are made out-of-band devices usually switch out of the flow of user traffic. Out-of-band management allows the administrator to connect to a computers management controller when the computer is turned off or in sleep or hibernate modes. Normally the in-band network management approach is the classic approach but out-of-band management supplements in-band management.
In-band management usually supports a wider range of operations because its environment is the entire operating system but in certain circumstances it may not be useful of the operating system isn’t present or operational. In these cases an out-of-band approach seems more feasible. Here are some out-of-band tasks that administrators can perform; powering on or off one or many computers, restarting computers, re-imaging by booting from a boot image file located on the network or a PXE server, reconfiguring BIOS settings, booting to command based operating system to run command or perform other tasks, and configuring scheduled software updates.
There are pros and cons to each type of network management technique but it seems like the best approach is to have both on your network. An in-band approach uses protocols such as telnet or SSH while using the network itself as media. A typical out-of-band approach would have an access server connected to a management port on each controlled device (Microsoft, 2009). Some IT professionals might say that it is a waste of time and money to have both approaches on a network but both approaches compliment each other. As stated before if the network is down or computers are not operational an out-of-band management approach is the best choice.
There are several software vendors available as well that offer out-of-band management software. One in particular is Opengear. Opengear allows secure remote monitoring, access and management of any electronic device around the world from any location. The software allows monitoring of the physical environment as well as attached devices and it can automatically detect and resolve any issues (OpenGear, 2014). In-band and out-of-band management will always be used independently or with each other it just depends on how the network manager or administrator wants to approach their network. Along with the management techniques one must look at the enterprise...

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