Nt1430 Unit 1 Essay

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* Sobell, Chapter 1: Welcome to Linux
* Sobell, Chapter 2: Installation Overview
* Sobell, Chapter 3: Step-by-Step Installation
* Sobell, Chapter 9: The Bourne Again Shell
* Sobell, Chapter 11: System Administration: Core Concepts
* Sobell, Chapter 16: Administration Tasks

Chapter 1: Welcome To Linux
1. What is free software? List three characteristics of free software. Free Software is a matter of liberty, not price. Three characteristics of free software are the ability to distribute and change, ability to improve freely, and free to study.

2. Why is Linux popular? Why is it popular in academia? GNU/Linux is portable, is based on standards, ...view middle of the document...

Linux is the name of an operating system kernel developed by Linus Torvalds and expanded and improved by thousands of people on the Internet. Torvalds’s kernel and GNU’s tools work together as the GNU/Linux Operating System.

5. In which language is Linux written? What does the language have to do with the success of Linux? It is written in the C Programming Language. The language allowed Linux to be successful due to being portable capable meaning that it can be moved from machine to machine relatively easily considering that most other languages were machine-dependent (only able to work on one machine).

6. What is a utility program? A utility (program), sometimes referred to as a command, is a program that performs a task that is frequently related to the operating system. A utility is simpler than an application program although there is no clear line separating the two. GNU/Linux distributions, such as Red Hat, include many utilities. You can download many utilities from the Internet. Examples of utilities are cp (copies a file), ls (lists information about files), ssh (securely connects to a remote computer), and df (lists information about free space on system devices such as hard disks).

7. What is a shell? How does it work with the kernel? With the user? A shell is an interpreter that interprets programs each time they are loaded from a disk. Converts shell commands from its own language into binary in which the CPU can understand. Vice versa for the user.

8. How can you use utility programs and a shell to create your own applications? Write a shell script, also called a shell program, or a batch file under DOS. A shell script is one or more command lines contained in a file. Make the file executable and give the name of the file as a command: The shell executes the commands in the file, as though you had typed each command individually.

9. Why is the Linux file system referred to as hierarchical? Because the files are placed in directories within several subdirectories as relevant.

10. What is the difference between a multiprocessor and a multiprocessing system? Multiprocessor (having more than one processor) refers to a system with two or more processors or CPUs. Multiprocessing (supporting multiple processes) refers to a system that can process one or more tasks at a time.

11. Give an example of when you would want to use a multiprocessing system. When you would need to have users performing more than one job at a time.

12. Approximately how many people wrote Linux? Why is this project unique? Many thousands of people contributed to the GNU/Linux Operating System using the Internet. This project is unique because such a project, using free software, had never been attempted before.

13. What are the key terms of the GNU General Public License? It claims that users have the right to copy, modify, and redistribute the code in which is covered by the agreement, but must distribute...

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