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Nt1310 Unit 2 Lab 1 Essay

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With amazon services you choose a service plan based upon a completely virtual environment. Using a preconfigured AMI (amazon machine image) or creating your own with its own set of network permissions and protocols. This also chooses instance types you may want. Multiple services using AMI and with that utilize static endpoints or attach persistent block storage to said instances. The resources you use is what you will pay for out of the total plan you have chosen based upon time or data transfer. Amazon also has an elastic block store based service with offers persistent storage for amazon EC2 instances. EC2 is a program which you decide a system to boot into it so it can be ...view middle of the document...

This is also available with no extra fees for you could services. High performance computing can be used with GPU cards which will take over a lot of the parallel workload. This is only mainly available with Nvidia GPU cards with over 1.5k CUDA cores and 4GB of VRAM. This service is available for certain graphical applications over cloud services such as client systems that are offsite and use these graphical processors for Autodesk or adobe applications. Instance types are also built into the services. These are based highly upon hardware spreadsheets which are available at amazon web service’s page.

Google has multiple applications for businesses but one of the most popular services is google drive. This is a simple service which hosts data for multiple programs and files but is usually under one Gmail account and nothing more. But this is only on the consumerists scale. The google cloud platform highly boasts its future proof systems which they also give an example under virtual machine workloads they say their offer 1.5 TB of pure solid state storage drives working within raid configurations for the fastest cloud based services. Google’s infrastructure is protected by 500 top experts working around the clock in the fields of information, application and network security Based upon 15 years of experience. Their storage services are separated within Standard DRA and near line. Storage speeds is rated that even their standard services will reach the 1000GB/S mark and higher services reaching even higher. Google also services virtual networking that you can also base a VPC (Virtual private cloud) within your virtual network for the highest ends of your virtual network security. Another cloud based service is Cloud SQL second generation which is a service based upon the recording and graphing of data used and speeds across networks and virtual networks across your cloud based services. Google boasts its future proof settings with its servers but it also offers load allocation across their cloud services for the heaviest workloads even relating to running demanding applications off the previously mentioned virtual network off a client based system. Their load allocation is based of HTTP, TCP/SSL and UDP data schemes. This is also based upon their load allocation can complete over one million queries per second. Also reinforced by seamless auto scaling to server performance to traffic so there is no hiccups within their services. Google offers a highly global DNS network. Their claims say it is 100% available and low latency. Like their other services based off of HTTP they say there is automatic scaling so even under the sudden amount of heavy workloads there is no sudden or hiccups in performance over the network. Google also has very large data allocation services based off of BIG DATA where their BIGQUERY service offers terabyte speeds and your storage for your BIGQUERY service is increased 1TB every single month you use their...

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