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Nt1230 Lab Essay

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LESSON 4: filling the blank
1. By default, Windows 7 standard users are permitted to install Plug and Play devices only if their drivers are Digitally Signed.
2. The debilitating condition in which files are stored as clusters scattered all over a disk is called Fragmentation.
3. The file system included in Windows 7 that is specifically designed for use on flash drives is called exFAT32.
4. Technically speaking, you create partitions on basic disks and volumes on dynamic disks.
5. In Windows 7, the FAT32 file system is limited to volumes no larger than 32 gigabytes.
6. The digital signature of a driver consists of a Checksum that is appended to the driver itself before publication.
 7. To create a fourth primary ...view middle of the document...

2. When you need to take the time to restore those backups and those backups could be hours or days old, resulting in data loss. RAID allows you to survive a drive loss without data loss and in many cases without any downtime.
3. Types of RAID
a) RAID 0 - Never, unless the data has no value to you.
b) RAID 1 - If you are looking to inexpensively gain additional data redundancy and/or read speeds. A good base RAID level for those looking to achieve high uptime.
c) RAID 5 and 6 - Web servers and high read environments. Generally will perform worse than RAID 1 on writes, so if your environment is write heavy or you don't need more space than is allowed on a disk with RAID 1, RAID 1 is likely your most effective option.
4. RAID 0 can be used to improve performance through concurrent access and/or create large logical disks out of multiple physical disks
5. You can then rebuild the array to a new drive off of the other drive with little to no downtime. RAID 1 also gives you the additional benefit of increased read performance as data can be read off any of the drives in the array.
6. I will choose the RAID1 because it has so many advantages. For example mirroring. Having the same data on both disk its always a good choice when it comes to data security and integrity against disk failure. I will buy it online and choose from HP.
7. Hardware RAID is supported by hardware and usually more stable and achieve better performance. Software RAID does not need raid hardware support and can be used on machines without RAID options.
Software RAID is usually recommended for low budget machines (It is part of many linux based system)

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