Nt1210 Unit 4 Assignment 1

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Unit 4 Assignment 1.

Answer These Questions
1. You have created a simple electrical circuit with a battery, wires, and a light bulb. Which of the following is true about this circuit? (Choose two answers.)
a. The battery’s positive lead pushes current away from that lead.
b.- The battery’s positive lead pulls current toward that lead.
c.- The circuit creates a direct current.
d. The circuit creates an alternating current.
2. A PC NIC and a switch port create one electrical circuit to use when sending data. The sender creates a (maximum) 1-volt electrical signal with a frequency of 1000 hertz. Which of the following facts are also true? (Choose two answers.)
a.- The period is ...view middle of the document...

Which of the following is a possible option to allow both nodes to send data?
a. Create two circuits, one using one wire and one using the other.
b.- Create one circuit, and take turns sending over that circuit.
c. Create one circuit, and hope it works.
d. None of the answers is correct.
6. UTP cables can have up to eight wires inside the cables. Which of the following is the most likely reason why EMI from one wire does not affect the electrical behavior of another wire inside the same cable?
a. The shorter the cable length, the less EMI
b.- Twisting the pairs together
c. Shielding each wire in plastic coating
d. Converting to glass fiber UTP cabling
7. Which of the following facts are in common between both of the Ethernet standards discussed in this chapter, 10BASE-T and 100BASE-T? (Choose two answers.)
a.- The number of wire pairs used (2)
b.- The cabling pinouts used
c. The speed
d. The encoding scheme
8. Which of the following answers best describes the definition of a cabling pinout?
a.- The information about the pin numbers on a connector and its matching socket
b. The color of the wires and the pin numbers to which they connect on one end of a cable
c. The color of the wires and the pin numbers to which they connect on both ends of a cable
d. The physical cable-making act of making the wire stick out of the end of the connector, creating pins
9. A PC NIC connects to a switch port using 100BASE-T. Which of the following is true about what happens on that link?
a.- The switch receives data on a circuit that includes the wire at the switch’s pin 2.
b. The PC receives data on a circuit that includes the wire at the PC’s pin 7.
c. The switch sends data on a circuit that includes the wire at the switch’s pin 4.
d. The PC sends data on a circuit that includes the wire at the PC’s pin 3.
10. With a fiber-optic cable, the core of the cable, through which light passes, is made of which of the following?
a. A mix of gases
b. Nothing (it’s a vacuum)
c. - Glass
d. Cloth fibers
11. Which of the following is the type of transmitter used on fiber-optic links that provides the longest maximum distances?
a. Antenna
b. LED
c.- Laser
d. Inducer
12. Which one answer lists the most likely place to find a fiber-optic link in a campus Ethernet LAN?
a. Between a PC and a LAN switch
b. Between two switches on the same floor
c. Between two switches on different floors (floors 1 and 2)
d.- Between two switches in different buildings in the same office park
13. This chapter describes SONET, a family of physical layer standards used in telco networks over the last few decades. Which of the following are true about the slow and fast end of the optical carrier (OC) standards mentioned in this book: OC-1 and OC-192? (Choose two answers.)
a.- OC-1 runs at approximately 52 Mbps.
b. OC-1 runs at approximately 620 Mbps.
c. OC-192 runs at approximately 19.2 times the speed of OC-1.
d.- OC-192 runs at...

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