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Nt1210 Lab 8 Review

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1. Which of the following answers describes the TCP/IP network layer? D
2. Which of the following answers are IP routing protocols that dynamically learn IP routes on behalf of IP routers? (choose 2) B & D
3. Which of the follow answers list a function related to TCP/IP network layer tasks, but the task is not defined as part of IP? (choose 2) B & C
4. Host 1, with IP address, sends an IP packet to Host 2, whose IP address is Which of the following answers is true about the IP address information in the IP header of the packet? A
5. A user at PC1 opens a web browser and types in a URL that lists the name of a server (Server1). PC1 has never tried ...view middle of the document...

PC1 and PC2 sit on the same LAN and subnet. The subnet ID is, and the subnet includes all numbers from to PC1 has been statically configured with IP address PC2 now tries to lease an IP address using DHCP. What prevents PC2 from getting address in the DHCP lease? C
12. The following answers each list one IP address and a possible IP network ID. Which answers show the correct network ID with its IP address? (choose 2) A & D
13. Host 1 sends an IP packet to Host 2. The IP packet passes through Routers R1, R2, and R3. When R1 forwards the IP packet, R1 matches a particular IP route in its routing table. Which parts of the route had something to do with the router’s logic in matching this IP route? (choose 2) A & B
14. A network engineer takes a class A network ( and begins to create a subnetting plan. He chooses a plan in which all the subnets are the same size. Which of the following options would be allowed? (choose 2) A & D
15. PC1 connects to a LAN, listing Router R1 as its default router. PC1 wants to send an IP packet to Which of the following answers is true about how PC1 chooses to forward this packet? C
16. In the following figure, PC12 sends an IP packet to PC22. The IP packet completes the trip from PC12 to PC22. Which of the following answers list the correct location and addresses used as this packet crosses the network from PC12 to PC22? (choose 2) A & C
17. In the following figure, PC12 sends an IP packet to PC22. The IP packet completes the trip from PC12 to PC22, and PC22 sends a reply packet back to PC21. Focusing on the packet from PC22 back to PC21, which of the following answers list the correct location and addresses used as this packet crosses the network? (choose 2) A & C
18. Hosts PC1, PC2, PC3, and PC4 all sit on the same LAN subnet, along with Router R1. PC1 needs to send an IP packet to PC2. Imagine that none of the devices know any of the other device’s MAC addresses yet. Which of the following messages will flow as a result of...

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