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Nt1210 Lab 7 Essay

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1. There are no limitations on WAN’s so they can be custom built for the size of the organization.
2. For the purpose of organizational expansion.

1. The longer the distance the more chances that you have for signal loss and lack of signal strength.
Media | Infrastructure | Summary |
UTP | Phone Lines | Is not suitable for sending data |
Coaxial | Television Cable | Supports 10 to 100Mbps and is relatively inexpensive, although more costly than UTP. |
Fiber-Optic | Fiber-Optic Cable | Uses a customized infrastructure to run dedicated connections; This is a costly option |
Electric Power Lines | Power Lines | This can be used with Broadband over power lines (BPL), making use of the extensive infrastructure in place already. |


Media | Summary |
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Data and information are transmitted without the use of the internet. This makes the connection secure, and files sent over the connection are safe from hackers.
A dedicated line offers bandwidth speeds of up to 1.544 Mbps for a standard T1 leased line. But unlike a DSL or cable modem internet connection from your home, you are able to control how the bandwidth is distributed on a dedicated line, because you and your receipt are the only locations using the line.
The advantage is that every node is connected physically to every other node, which creates a redundant connection. If any links fail, information can flow through many other lines to reach its destination.
There are fewer points of failure, and it would be very expensive.
Circuit Classification | Total Bandwidth (Mbps) | Features and Summary |
T1 | 1.544 | A T-1 trunk could transmit 24 telephone calls at a time, because it used a digital carrier signal called Digital Signal 1 (DS-1). |
E1 | 2.048 | Uses 32 channels for communication (only 30 can transmit); Transmits 16 frames at a time |
E3 | 34.4 | This is now widely used in almost all countries outside the US, Canada, and Japan. |
T3 | 44.736 | Besides being used for long distance traffic, T3 lines are also often used to build the core of a business network at its headquarters. A T3 line typically costs more than $3000.00 USD per month. |

Partial Mesh would be the best to use, this is due to the shipping needin a mesh and HQ-Manufacturing would need a bus which connects to the foundry.
A viable option for connecting New York to New England would be a dedicated lease line, it will give a direct line to both places with minimal down time.

Using the “IFCONFIG” command in Linux, you are given the IP address, hardware address, broadcast address, subnet mask, and inet6 address.

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