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Nra As An Interest Group Essay

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The National Rifle Association

The National Rifle Association or NRA was founded and granted a charter on November 17th, 1871. The NRA was originally founded by Col. William C. Church and Gen. George Wingate to “promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis (” The original intent and purpose of the association was to set up a rifle range and to have annual competitions. The founders hoped that the competitions would promote marksmanship among soldiers. Another facet of the organization branched out into was the creation youth programs and sporting events. New firing ranges were opened and more competitions added over the years.
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Analyzing this association with the rational choice theory, it is clear that members are part of this organization because they have a strong desire to possess and use guns. Members want to be able to have full access to their firearms at all times. Because these individuals want to carry and use firearms with the idea of self-protection, it is in their best interest to band together to influence policies and enact laws. It is clear that the United States will not permit unlicensed individuals to carry automatic assault weapons openly down the street, so the NRA lobbies for less or looser gun controls and fewer restrictions as far as owning and carrying a gun.
Institutionalism would have a different perspective. It would look at the formal laws that are written, such as the Constitution, and at informal laws, such as American traditions to define the NRA. The laws in the Constitution promote gun ownership and the US has a heritage of famous law men and criminals using guns. Institutionalism would say that these institutions influence human behavior in regard to guns...

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